Paras HMRI Hospitals Showcases Rare Cases of Neurosurgery Success

Patients with Serious Vascular and Tumor Conditions Treated Successfully

Serious neurological conditions such as brain hemorrhage and tumors can be treated successfully today, says Dr Mukund Prasad

Paras HMRI Hospital - Patna - Logo24-year-old Dipti from Mithapur reported a sudden onset of headache accompanied by vomiting and paralysis on her left side. Her worried father rushed her to Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna, where investigations revealed a case of bleeding inside the brain. Even as her family had given up all hope of recovery, Dipti underwent a neuro surgery which helped drain out the bleed and enabled the young girl to stand back on her feet within a week.

Another similar case is that of 45 year old Nageshwar Prasad from Bihta who came to Paras HMRI, Patna with complaint of sudden onset headache and vomiting. After spotting a tumor in his head, Dr Mukund Prasad, Sr. Consultant – Neuro Surgeon, Paras HMRI Hospital, Patnatook him in for a surgery to remove the tumor. Not only was the tumor successfully removed, but the patient recovered absolutely well from the surgery and is hail and hearty today.

At a press conference to highlight some remarkably successful cases of rare neurosurgical success, Dr Mukund Prasad, said with advanced surgical technology and precision even serious neurological conditions such as tumors and brain hemorrhage that were once considered untreatable can be successfully treated today.

Dr Prasad stressed that patients in Patna and adjoining areas do not any more need to travel long distances to seek best neurological treatment as the same is now available at Paras HMRI Patna.

A case in point is that of 45 year old Mamta Devi from Beur who ran from city to city seeking treatment for a serious pituital problem. After having met doctors in Mumbai and Lucknow where she failed to find relief, her husband finally brought her back home to Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna. With successful treatment at the hospital, Mamta Devi is today in a good condition.

“Most patients often always tend to associate any brain related problem such as a tumor or injury with fatal consequences. We want to send out a message that today it is possible to treat even serious neurological conditions that require surgery with a great deal of success. All that is needed is a highly trained and well-practices neurosurgeon who can correctly handle surgeries with precision and control. A number of patients from Patna and other parts of Bihar often travel long distances to Delhi and Mumbai to seek treatment, which causes a lot of hassle. We want to assure everyone that equally good treatment facilities are today available at Paras HMRI, Patna and we are successfully catering to a lot serious patients from across the state,” said Dr Prasad.

Another such case was that of Amandeep Kumar, a young boy of 16 years from Nalanda who was brought to Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna after a serious motorcycle accident, and a resultant brain injury. After conducting investigations such as CT Scan, MRI and Angiogram, Amandeep was taken in for a neuro-surgery and has recovered completely well since then.

Dr Prasad also underlined that delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis is a serious problem that can worsen the condition of a neurological patient. To drive home the point, he highlighted the case of 21 year old Dolly Kumar, a talented young girl from Hanuman Nagar, who was reporting vision loss in her right eye for several years, accompanied with serious headache. She was diagnosed with a congenital disorder by an ophthalmologist.

However, given additional problems she was facing she was brought to Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna, where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After a successful surgery, Dolly has now recovered much of her health but for the vision loss in her right eye that was due to a congenital ophthalmological problem.

“Awareness about symptoms of neurological conditions is very low in India. In many cases, people continue to ignore serious symptoms or get misdiagnosed with relatively trivial conditions. It is important to educate people that any new symptoms such as a new onset of headache with vomiting, diminishing of vision, loss of balance or slurring of speech must immediately be brought to the notice of a neurologist or a neuro surgeon for prompt and timely diagnosis,” added Dr Prasad.

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