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YourChennai.com is a real-time, 24-hours-a-day news website based in India. Established in 1999, YourChennai.com provides timely and indispensable information for people in India. The website provides huge repository of news about India, Entertainment, Movies, Music, Television, Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, Restaurants, Hotels, Education, Schools, Colleges, Business News, Fitness, Health, Leisure, Travel, Vacation, Recipes, Sports, Cricket, Environment, Automobile, Political, Real Estate, Technology, Mobile, Startups etc. The website is free to users and is funded by advertising revenue.

YourChennai.com’ main motto is to provide quality information for the users free of cost. YourChennai.com is published by Chennai Scripts, which has other publications like EquityBulls.com, a portal offering Business News. The owners of the company are Natarajan & Venkatesh.


* Anand Mohan – Editor & Mentor: Anand Mohan has nearly 20 years experience in Journalism. He has 20 years of experience in website development and product / program management. Anand Mohan started YourChennai.com along with the founders to create a website catering to the Indians with the focus on providing information on everything. He writes articles on various areas including stocks, business, entertainment, temples etc.

* Venkatesh – Founder: Venkatesh is the founder of YourChennai.com. He works in Information Technology and takes care of the website development / maintenance of the website. He also contributes articles / news on Technology.

* Natarajan – Founder: Natarajan is the founder and associate editor of YourChennai.com. He gives the vision and establishes the mission objectives of the publication. He contributes articles / news on Entertainment.

* Bhuvana – Associate Editor: Bhuvana is the associate editor of YourChennai.com. She also writes articles on Business News.

* Gayathri – Senior Correspondent: Gayathri is a senior correspondent who contributes articles on various topics.

* Archana – Advertising: Archana takes care of the advertisements in YourChennai.com.


YourChennai.com has a strong commitment to editorial independence and integrity. YourChennai.com provides unbiased coverage on India related news.

There is also a clear separation between our editorial and advertising sales operations. It is an article of faith for us that advertisers have no influence on the editorial content of YourChennai.com.


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