Tragedy king Ahsan Khan plays a negative role in ‘Paani Jaisa Pyaar’

Known as the tragedy king of the Pakistani television industry, Ahsan Khan, has already won a million hearts with his personality and talent.  He is truly a gifted actor and plays challenging roles to enhance his own craft. He recently captivated viewers in India with his role in ‘Meri Zindagi Hai Tu’ and ‘Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi’ as a tragic lover. But this June, fans of Ahsan get to see him in a new avataar. The actor is seen in a negative role as Saad in ‘Paani Jaisa Pyaar’ which airs on Zindagi every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 PM. He plays the main protagonist Sana’s brother’s best friend who has no family of his own.

Talking about his role, Ahsan Khan says, “Yes, it is true that each of my characters have turned out to be more like a tragic lover. I like playing characters which aren’t plain and simple but they need to have their own high & low points. Portraying a negative character is very challenging and I enjoy doing this. Playing Saad was equally exciting as it was very different than my other roles.”

The compelling story of a strong headed girl, ‘Paani Jaisa Pyaar’ is about Sana’s journey and her tryst with life and destiny. An entangled love story, the show revolves around Sana (Saba Qamar), a 25-year-old girl from Faisalabad who has two older siblings, Hassan and Dua. Sana has been engaged to Adarsh (Mikaal Zulfiqar), the son of her mother’s best friend Arfa ever since she was a child. Adarsh, however, unaware of this engagement, is in love with Sasha (Juggan Kazim), a childhood friend of his and wishes to marry her. The story takes an interesting turn when Adarsh tells his parents of his intentions and is informed by them that he is already engaged to Sana and that he will have to leave their home if he doesn’t marry her.

Catch Ahsan Khan playing a grey character in ‘Paani Jaisa Pyaar’ every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 pm only on Zindagi!

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