Vibhuti Narayan Mishra (Aasif Shiekh) turns into a Superhero!

“With great power comes great responsibility” said Uncle Ben to Peter Parker (Superman). However, Vibhuti Bhaiyya (Aasif Shiekh) has taken upon himself to surpass superman in his quest to impress Angoori Bhabhi (Shubhangi Atre).

When Vibhuti comes to know of Angoori’s love for Superheroes, he loses no time in becoming one. He calls himself V-Man and he claims to save the damsels in distress. In this case, the damsel is only Angoori Bhabhi. What Vibhuti doesn’t know is that his glory is short-lived because someone has caught his lie and is blackmailing him. How this colorful superhero turns black and blue is something to watch out for!

Says Aasif Shiekh, “I have had my share of playing the superhero in my hay days. I was crazy after superhero and would try and dress up like him. It was a sight to see me roam around in the colony in the superhero costume. However, nothing much has changed. I got beaten up then, and you will see me get beaten up now!”

Meet ‘V-Man’ on Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain at 10:30PM only on &TV

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