5 fantastic award-winning films that the cinephile in you can’t afford to miss

Movies are a strong weapon which can mould one’s perceptions. As an impactful means of communication, they’ve left behind a series of immortal characters, evergreen screens and dialogues which will be remembered fondly. Over decades now, the very best of these films have been recognized and honoured at prestigious awards functions. As Indians, we feel immense pride when any of our movies earn a nomination and rub shoulders with the very best of world cinema. The most-recent announcement that has made each of us crazy, has been the Malayalam film Jallikattu that has been selected as an India’s official entry for the 93rd Academy Awards. So, while we wait and hope that Jallikattu will earn a nomination in the Best Foreign Film category and win the coveted award, here are 5 movies to add to your watchlist on Amazon Prime Video, which are critically acclaimed and internationally known for being the best of the best.

1) Parasite

It’s not often that a film gets to script history at the Academy Awards. But that’s exactly what Parasite did, as it became the first non-English film to bag the award for Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards in 2020. Along with taking the trophy for Best Picture home, the South Korean film won 4 more Oscars. Based on the life of a family who scheme their way into getting employed by an affluent family, the series of events, dealt in a dark, yet realistic manner, talks about the real parasite in our society, that is unequal economic conditions, privileges amongst many others.

2) Joker

Heath Ledger, is the only Joker which comes to our mind. He was the best and we all thought that no one can do it better now. Well, guess what, we all were proved wrong by Joaquin Phoenix. His portrayal as a Joker in this dark psychological thriller movie was simply phenomenal to say the very least. He embedded the character into his skin, his bones and blood and we can definitely feel it every second while watching the film. One character and his psychology were what the film was all about and it was all it needed to become one of the biggest blockbusters on the world stage. No prizes for guessing that Joaquin won the Best Actor Award at the Oscars, People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards and the BAFTA Awards as well. Talk about a clean sweep!!!

3) Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan always comes with a bang and this time it was a war movie called Dunkirk. Based on the real-life evacuation incident during WWII, this movie was as heart throbbing and gut-wrenching as one would expect. With suspense taking over each and every frame, the exceptional background score by Hans Zimmer often left the audience with gooseflesh in certain scenes. Nolan, known for his movies with some amazing dialogues, preferred to keep very little speaking in this one and let the action do the talking. Some film critics call this film as ‘The Best Film on War ever made’ and we totally agree with them as this 2017 film swept away most of the awards that year.

4) Moonlight

One of the most difficult topics to talk and portray on screen is sexuality for it’s a very serious, sensitive and subjective subject. Yet Moonlight managed to create a story around it with so much sensitivity and empathy that it simply had to be mentioned in this list. The manner in which the three main stages of human life: childhood, adolescence and early adult life is portrayed so very beautifully is sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind. Seeing this film, one can totally relate with the struggles that a person battling with their sexuality and an identity crisis faces. With a story that deserved to be told, along with Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris delivering one of their career’s best performances, it was no surprise to see the film win in the Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography categories at a host of awards.

5) Manchester by the sea

This American drama film plot follows a man, who after the death of his brother, is entrusted with the care of his teenage nephew. What follows is a mellow, fun and emotional ride that makes for the perfect soul-satisfying movie. Be it tragedy, drama, heartbreak, problems, love and family, this movie had everything.

These are some of the movies in an ocean full of some remarkable movies available on Amazon Prime Video which are critically acclaimed by film critics and film fraternities all around the world. You can also catch Jallikattu on Amazon Prime Video, so binge away this December!

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