Classic Clogs; the perfect footwear for Music festivals

CROCS recent display at Vh1 Supersonic Music Festival was one of its kinds, further establishing it as one of the trendiest footwear in town

While utility was one aspect we loved about CROCS, in no time they have broken through that image and transcended into trendy street wear .The concept of classic clogs have taken twists and turn and have gradually made room for themselves in the wardrobe of the Gen Z and the millennial.

Looking at the scenario and where our millennial interest lies in, music festivals have been a huge rage for a while now. No longer are these festivals all about putting a musician on stage with some good lighting and the best of sound systems to get the crowd rolling. There’s way more to it.

CROCS recent display at Vh1 Supersonic Music FestivalAttendees at music festivals often buy tickets for not only the music but the overall experience since it’s a free spirited crowd looking for newness. Crocscollaboration with a music festival like VH1 supersonic is the best platform to unveil the essence of Crocs which screams trendy, fashion and comfort all at once, three things which play a major role amongst the crowd in such events.

Since these festivals are an all-day gala and very taxing on our feet, wearing something fashionable yet comfortable is the best way to sail through them. Choosing Classic clogs from Crocs is the right choice for such affairs as it eschews the fear of how dusty the footwear will be towards the end taking a swift trip to the bin which will be the case for any other footwear which was proved right at this three day gala.

Crocs curated a see through, neon-lit pop-up zone introducing its new 2020 brand campaign with Priyanka Chopra as the global brand ambassador. The Pop-up displayed a delectable array of the Iconic Classic Clogs along with a personalization zone which showcases a wide Jibbitz assortment to help personalize your Clogs. The Pop-up was a highlight of the Supersonic Music festival with engagement activities like periodic confetti blast where offers rained every hour, Digital Puzzle to get your Jibbitz sorted and a cool photo-op with trippy infinity effect. The booth was visited by Nikhil Chinapa,Paperqueen Roadies contestant Tara to name a few.

Crocs played it swift in its game for such a dusty yet LIT affair Crocing their way through VH1 supersonic this February’20.

So get set and Croc this 2020 with your pair!

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