Indian patients to get face-to-face consultations for Coronavirus-2019

2nd medical opinion becomes must as the Coronavirus outbreak grows

For the very first time in India, FOREIGN OPD ™ -India’s first and only medical healthcare brand that enables face2face™ second medical opinion consultations will provide outpatient and awareness support for the people suspected by coronavirus. In a scenario where the Indian Healthcare industry is evolving rapidly and more & more patients are demanding world-class expertise and experience, this is a milestone achieved by Dr. Inder Maurya.

Commenting on the same Dr. Inder Maurya (Founder &  CEO, Foreign OPD said “We are happy to facilitate this in India, as our country is poised to avail of these kinds of service level innovations in Healthcare. Foreign OPD sees that the best of the best and world-class 2nd medical opinion can be made available to patients suffering from Coronavirus. It is a paradigm shift in terms of how Healthcare is consumed in India and we are proud to assume a pioneering role. Having said, you should always take a second opinion in these matters. High risk population includes pregnant women and children and it is ideal to get vaccinated with the influenza vaccine’’. Foreign OPD™ has the best of Pulmonolgists on board and Indian patients can reach out to them from any part of India through the Foreign OPD™ platform.

With China facing a complete lockdown and India in jitters with truant Corona Virus Disease abbreviated as COVID -19 virus by WHO, let’s understand this pandemic outbreak a little better. And while at it, let’s also make ourselves doubly sure and not fall victim to the fear factor. The Novel Corona Virus belongs to the BetaCorona virus family which is an animal virus, originating from bats. However, it can also be transmitted in Camel, Cats, Cattles and other livestock. It is usually spread among animals and animal to human transmission is also possible. COVID -19 has taken a shape of pandemic due to possible human to human transmission, thereafter. MERS and SARS are other viruses which has had global outbreaks in the past.

While the death toll in China has jumped to 1381 out of 48,548 Lab confirmed cases (and still counting), in India, Kerala has reported a third novel Coronavirus case. In Mumbai there are a few suspicions of possible exposure and the health departments across India has been activated, while our country brings back our people from China, where the virus has originated. Corona virus is a respiratory illness characterized by fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, sneezing, or Myalgia. A History of travel form the infected zone along with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection is more than sufficient for treatment for corona virus infected patients While, these are the early features similar to upper respiratory tract infection, which is common place, but the disease can play havoc and result into a big shock with multi organ failure or death. The mortality rate is between so far only 2 % with respect to SARS which had 10%. But as more and more people are getting infected the mortality might increase.

Why is second opinion important?

Currently it is the flu season and one may find the same preliminary symptoms, like upper respiratory tract infection, running nose, fever etc. There should be no case of panic, if you have not visited the infected area or people from that region. Having said, you should always take a second opinion in these matters. High risk population includes, pregnant women and children and it is ideal to get vaccinated with the influenza vaccine.

Foreign OPD Recommendation for COVID-19:

  • Preventive germ actions like washing hands, covering face while coughing and sneezing.
  • Maintain cleanliness in your house.
  • Avoid travelling to place where the infection is present.
  • People who are sick who are suffering from any respiratory illness should report to the nearest healthcare centre.

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