ORRA launches Women’s day special offers with launch of its customized jewellery Shoppe

ORRA Custom ring - 1‘Do you like this?’, ‘what do you think?’…simple sentences, yet, designed to empower. Empower through the power of choice! This Women’s Day, ORRA presents custom crafted jewellery for women, an ode to their beautiful and unique choices, making them who they are!

To make this women’s day special and like no other, ORRA presents a specially curated range of rings, earrings and pendants, where customers can choose from a host of designs exactly how they would like their personalized piece to be! Moving beyond design, they are also given the option of selecting their metal colour, diamond cut, clarity and colour and carat.

Speaking on the launch of the customization platform, Mr. Vijay Jain (CEO and Director – ORRA) says, “We at ORRA have always ORRA - Custom pendant - 1believed in empowering our customers through the power of choice and International Women’s Day is a great day to celebrate this! We have taken a small step in the direction of bespoke jewellery with a quick turnaround time which is uncommon in the industry. Consumers have always been driven by how they relate to a product and by allowing personalization in jewellery we are enabling them to see a part of themselves in the product. In a bid to create further engagement for the consumer, our website offers a live demonstration of the final look of the product which consumers can receive within just a few days of placing their order.”

Patrons can log onto http://www.orra.co.in/custom-jewellery.html to experience ORRA’s special customization segment. The personalized pieces are priced from Rs. 8000/- onwards.

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