Tattvan launches a new initiative “Swastha Samarth” for all amid lockdown

Tattvan, the first-of-its-kind telemedicine healthcare E-clinics has introduced – “Swastha Samarth” Initiative to support during the lockdown situation in India. Through this initiative Tattvan is empowering medical practitioners and professionals to continue with patient care and consultation. The patients can connect with doctors via Tattvan’s application available on Android and ioS or online through tattvan.com

Tattvan has launched “Swastha Samarth” initiative and has pledged to support small town doctors through our telemedicine application. Since most of the clinics and OPDs are closed during the lockdown period, the regular chronic patients like diabetes, asthma, cancer, hypertension etc are suffering due to lack of medical assistance.

Tattvan E-Clinic

This initiative also supports employees and their family members of corporate who are partnered with Tattvan. They will be provided with free consultation for upto 4 family members, during the national lockdown period.

Mr. Ayush Mishra, Founder and CEO, Tattvan said; “At this catastrophic time in India, we believe it is our duty to care for each other and support in the best possible way. The aim and motto of my organization is to provide best medical facilities to where it cannot reach. Hence at this time we have pledged to offer our platform to doctors in small towns for free to offer their medical practice to their patients. We are also offering our call center and tech support to doctors for free in these times. Any doctor can approach us and our team will on-board them for free for next 3 months.”

“We will keep on exploring more and more ways where we can support India’s fight against diseases and improve healthcare facilities in whichever way we can”. – he added.

Through Tattvan’s initiative patients will be able to pay for their OPD fees online on our platform and we will pass that complete fees directly to the doctor.

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