‘White Money’ Christmas celebration at Growel’s 101 mall, Kandivali East

The mall celebrated Christmas on Tuesday in a rather unique manner by basing it on the theme of ‘Demonetisation’ – the word that has been on people’s mouth since the government announced the move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes last month. The idea behind the distinctive celebration was to appeal to people to support the idea of white money and bring it into practice in their own lives.

White Santa supports Demonetization by saying No to Black Money at Growels 101 Mall Kandivali eastThe biggest highlight of the celebration was a Santa Claus who was dressed in all white instead of the regular red and white Santa costume. The idea was a big hit as revellers who were visiting the mall loved it and took to it instantly. The ‘White Santa’ carried the message of asking people to deal in white money and appealed to them to say no to black money.

There were also several placards put up in the mall with messages like ‘Say No to Black Money’ along with an array of beautifully designed posters that requested people to deal in white money. But one of the most famous attractions was a quirky placard of a Rs. 2000 note that is currently the talk of the town.

Speaking about the unique celebrations, Vikas Shetty, Mall Head, Growel’s 101 Mall said, “Christmas is the time when everyone gets in the festive spirit and mood. It is also a time when we can decide to do something positive or adopt a good change if it comes our way. We thought instead of the usual celebrations, this year we could appeal to people to adjust to the move of demonetisation and look at it in a positive manner. The idea of the White Santa appealed to all our visitors”.

The mall also held a special Christmas carol singing session. Added Vikas, “We hope we have been able to get across our message successfully of saying no to Black Money.”

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