IndiaFirst Life recognised at Disruptive Innovation Awards 2016

Further consolidates its position as a technology-first insurance player

IndiaFirst Life Insurance - LogoOn December 21, 2016, IndiaFirst Life Insurance’s position as a technology-first insurer got further consolidated, through being recognised at the Disruptive Innovation Awards 2016 in the “Best Disruptive Tech Solution/ Product of the year – Automation” category. The ceremony in Bengaluru, honoured the company for its revolutionary approach in improving the overall experience for both its customers and its customer-facing workforce.

IndiaFirst Life was chosen as winner amongst highly renowned contenders in the BFSI, Automobile, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care sectors.

“IndiaFirst Life takes pride in augmenting the customer experience across the value chain by digitalising various customer touch points in the sales process.” said, Rushabh Gandhi, Director- Sales & Marketing, IndiaFirst Life Insurance.

IndiaFirst Life is among the first Indian insurers that introduced pioneering initiatives right from the beginning of a prospect’s insurance lifecycle, i.e., thorough orientation of its sales personnel through e-induction modules, to apps empowering individuals to make well-informed choices, and finally, devising a paperless Sales Process Automation system, that enables highly secure yet hassle-free sales completion. The company has gone a step further in delivering a 360-degree customer-experience, by developing tech-based platforms for real-time connection and resolution of customer queries and concerns.

Winning the Disruptive Innovation Award in the “Best Disruptive Tech Solution” category, reinforces the belief held by IndiaFirst Life Insurance that the way forward in customer-centrism is only through continual transformation in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

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