Prakritii Cultivating Green ties up with Artisans and Manufactures to avoid Bamboo Import from China

Prakritii Cultivating Green ties up with Artisans and Manufacturers around India in Uttarakhand and North East for making Bamboo cutlery to focus more on Anti-China segments. Sustainability disposables are the key ingredients going forward as the ongoing pandemic has taught us to use Made in India Initiative which is designed by the Government of India. India is the world’s second-largest cultivator of Bamboo after China and there is a vast scope of expanding bamboo in areas outside forests as people are now trusting branded eco-friendly disposables companies than common stores.

Hygienic food practices have always been a part of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping in view the current situation wherein the country is facing a serious outburst of the Covid-19 in the Delhi-NCR region, it becomes utmost important to maintain hygiene in food consumption as Bamboo cutlery demand is rising in India. There are some revolutionary changes that the hospitality industry is following nowadays post Covid-19 is takeaways instead of Dine-in, and started using disposable or bamboo cutlery in dine-in too for hygiene and safety purpose and eliminated reusable dinnerware trend.

Prakritii provides full tableware products solution to customers and brands to avoid using Chinese products. Earlier Prakritii use to import their products from China but now they have taken initiative and join hands with artisans and manufacturers for making and increasing the utility of bamboo cutlery. Their products are being used for packaging dry fruits, chocolates, vegetables, etc giving it an aesthetic look. They have been making waves with their dinnerware and are widely acclaimed Internationally. The range of organic dinnerware company further tracks and measures their partners’ performance to make sure they move towards supporting bamboo cutlery.

Vaibhav JaiswalDirector & Co-Founder of Prakritii said, “People have realized to live sustainably and the need to promote the eco-system but it all begins with implementation and execution of the choice. The idea is to consume what you need and leave for others. The longevity of businesses today and in the future will depend largely on how human-centric and eco-friendly we can make them.”

Commenting on the same, Amardeep Bardhan, Co-Founder of Prakritii said, “Bamboo alternatives are important for the people for making responsible choices. People are shifting to bamboo cutlery or no-plastic disposables in today’s context.”

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