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The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people in profound ways, including loss of work and a lack of food supplies. The outbreak has had a significant impact on the most vulnerable populations, including the elderly and children. The National Organisation for Social Empowerment is a Non-Profit organization that has come forward to help poor and needy people in every possible way. The NGO is established by Mr. Amandeep Singh and Mr. Sparsh Maheshwari, who have devoted their lives to the noble cause of helping the poor and downtrodden people.

For many poor and underprivileged people in India, HUNGER is the biggest concern than Coronavirus. “National NGO is distributing hygienic food every day to around 700 people of our area,” said Bilal Khan, a resident of Jaitpur. Aamna, a resident of Jaitpur who can’t speak express her feelings through actions and thanked the National NGO for providing the ration in these hard times as her husband who is a wage worker went to work on 21st March and didn’t came back to home due to the lockdown.

Stop The Spread - The National Organisation For Social Empowerment 3

Founders of the organization Mr. Amandeep Singh and Mr. Sparsh Maheshwari said: “Our main mission is to be an equal opportunity provider for the upliftment of the underprivileged and persons with special ability by providing them timely education, shelter, food, medical support, care, and confidence.”

At the time of this outbreak, the organization is helping underprivileged people day and night to ensure food, aid, and medical supplies are delivered to those who need it. Also, they are putting water tanks and washbasins near slum areas and educating people about Coronavirus. Apart from this, the National NGO is also providing accommodation facilities in their SEWA BHAWAN to the poor and vulnerable people who are stuck in Delhi and don’t have any place to live in these hard times.

To protect the underprivileged people of our community from Coronavirus, National NGO is working continuously on the grassroots level and providing them with nutritious food.

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