ANSR collaborates with IBM to establish and operate Centers of Excellence in advanced enterprise technologies for Global Capability Centers

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and ANSR Consulting Inc., the global market leader in designing, establishing and operating Global Capability Centres (GCCs), today announced a strategic collaboration to set up and manage Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in areas including cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for Global Capability Center (GCC) clients across the globe.

With more than 40% share of the global GCC market and an immense talent pool, India is seen as a hotbed for enterprise transformation and innovation through GCCs – a trend that is becoming even more important as clients look to accelerate digital transformation, rebalance project priorities and optimize costs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of this collaboration, ANSR will combine its proprietary GCC Playbook, GCC Consulting services expertise as well as its capability to design, build and operate GCCs with the deep industry and IT Consulting competencies of IBM Services. The partnership will also enable GCC clients to use the IBM Garage methodology – IBM’s unique approach for putting innovation at the heart of an enterprise along with cloud support and continuous delivery through co-creation, co-operation and co-execution at speed and scale. The IBM Garage methodology can help clients accelerate their migration to hybrid multi-cloud and accelerates application modernization to achieve their business goals.

This collaboration will be executed through a joint go-to market initiative for existing ANSR and IBM customers as well as enterprises which are seeking to set up GCCs in support of advancing the enterprise growth and transformation agenda.

While ANSR will set up and run GCCs using its unique ‘as a service model’, IBM will enable the clients’ transformation agenda by bringing in extensive industry knowledge and deep technology expertise globally.

“We are excited to partner with IBM and aim to provide our clients the best-of-breed combination of ANSR & IBM’s offerings and services. Clients will now be able to co-innovate and co-execute along with ANSR & IBM through this collaborative model. This will definitely enable an accelerated and hassle-free journey for our clients’ GCCs to become true transformation centers and an extension of the enterprise,” said Lalit Ahuja, Founder & CEO, ANSR.

“GCCs have now come a long way to become a true extension of the global enterprise. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world truly borderless. It is imperative that the right partnerships across the GCC ecosystem are leveraged towards delivering value to the enterprise in relevant markets. With this collaboration, businesses will be able to take advantage of the vast universe of IBM’s intellectual property as well as research in specific industries along with ANSR’s GCC capabilities in a seamless manner. The CoEs will give clients access to world-class talent and solutions in a contactless, Dynamic Delivery model along with best of the breed Hybrid Multi-Cloud, Cognitive & AI capabilities,” reiterates Santosh Kulkarni, Global Leader – Global Capabilities Centers, IBM.

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