Housejoy celebrates Mother’s Day with single mothers of India

It’s not easy being a Single mother in India. Single mothers have to fulfill a much greater responsibility for their children, elders in the family and so many other aspects of their life. They also have to develop new coping skills and confidence, requiring courage and resilience to help sustain their families. But their resilience is constantly challenged by the amount of household chores they have to do everyday.

Housejoy is featuring single moms from all over the country and sharing their stories to the world. They have spoken to some amazing single mothers from social groups like Single Moms of Bangalore and learnt many tricks on how they manage their life and how with Housejoy they do not have to do everything by themselves anymore.

Ashwini Jaisim is a single mother of 2, aged 9 and 7. She works with Fountainhead, freelances as a writer and leads a hectic life that revolves around her work and children. After her friend recommended Housejoy to her, she has more time on her hands to devote to her children and help them with their homework. She says, “Housejoy was the greatest find for me! A friend recommended their at-home services and I can’t thank her enough. I can get professional help be it for cleaning or laundry or even beauty at home at the touch of a button. The greatest thing is that their service-men come with a background check so I am not concerned with security for my children. It is so convenient and quick.”

Housejoy has got their back, they can now indulge in some quality time with their children, friends or even with themselves. Housejoy will take care of all their household chores. Be it laundry, home cleaning, plumbing & electrical needs, Appliance repair, Fitness & wellness or the indulgent beauty service at home.

CEO of Housejoy, Saran Chatterjee shares, “Our aim is to make home services quick and easy and in turn, to make life simpler and hassle free for all. Housejoy pays a tribute to the resilience of every single mother. They are the true inspiration to Housejoy as they are the greatest multitaskers. They have this great ability to balance their chores, careers and children perfectly. Housejoy looks upto these single mothers and strives to lend an arm by maintaining their house in the most convenient way.”

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