These leading Start-ups are helping entrepreneurs of today to strengthen their business

Being a business visionary is an experience of accomplishment. One has numerous tasks to perform and handle on a day to day basis. They need to do expansive investigation, collection and management for the structure that they are going to present to the new clients. They also need to screen all their records, extensively. With such a huge amount on different work on their plate, 24 hours is not enough. In that case the adaptable applications that can help us with managing the time and enhance proficiency become essential. Here is a list of 6 Startups that can help entrepreneurs of today can avail to strengthen their business.

Crediwatch – Crediwatch is an AI-enabled platform that provides actionable insights and flexible workflows for seamless credit management and faster lending decisions. Crediwatch does this with no human intervention by deploying AI /ML and NLP tools that use scalable deep learning technologies across disparate digital footprints left by private entities (big and small). The company has partnered with respected financial institutions such as – SBI, Aditya Birla Financial Services, Karur Vysya Bank, RBL Bank, APAC Financial etc. to provide credit intelligence of more than 50 thousand businesses. The company has provided insights on 50,000+ businesses and $7 billion loan portfolio.

Simpl – Redefining the way payments are done in India, Simpl is a mobile application that provides consumers to buy now and checkout in one click with pay later functionality to build trust and provide strong buyer protection. The technology company works with merchants and financial institutions to enable a world where every monetary interaction is effortless and transparent. This helps online retailers give their consumers an exceptional checkout experience and post-transaction customer service. Within four years of going live, Simpl has evolved from mere 5-6 merchants to a network of 1000+ merchants presently. It is now focused on both large e-commerce and offline commerce merchants.

PrimaDollar – PrimaDollar is the leading FinTech player in global trade finance, offering a simpler, quicker and lower-cost trade finance product, needed by exporters and importers globally. With clients already in over 30 countries, PrimaDollar trade finance product is set to become a mainstream option for mid- and large-cap companies, allowing exporters to ship promptly and importers to pay later. Prima Dollar aims to bridge the timing gap involved in international trade.

HungerBox – HungerBox is a leading institutional foodtech company which digitizes cafeterias and provides a platform for food vendors to expand their reach. Till date they have on boarded close to 2400 vendors. With COVID in the picture micro entrepreneurs have been affected and may possibly need a support to stay in the business. Companies like HungerBox give that opportunity to work in an ecosystem and provide necessary support.

Shopmatic – Shopmatic is a Singapore-based technology firm that provides e-commerce solutions to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Launched in 2014 with an objective to empower millions of aspiring entrepreneurs with a digital footprint, the company recently partnered with Singapore-based retail management solutions company Octopus to disrupt the retail market in Asia-Pacific with a suite of services to address the gaps that exist for offline businesses in going online. The synergy is helping local retailers implement an efficient Omni channel retail management system post establishing their business online. Equipped with a holistic online and offline ecosystem, these local retail stores are now able to manage their customers, reduce operational costs, synchronize inventory, on board new customers, and offer loyalty points, etc. Such facilities, supplemented by real-time visibility of sales and staff performance, are enabling retailers to enhance their efficiency and scale up their retail business further. Through such a value proposition, Shopmatic is facilitating an efficient omni channel ecosystem for Kirana stores across the country, thus digitally empowering them.

Wave – In the event that overseeing invoices is at the apex extensive tasks, entrepreneurs can make it more intriguing with Wave application. This cloud programming and application help business pioneers to make and send altered solicitations, record the salary and costs, send amicable suggestions to other people, filter receipts, get a notice on instalment, etc. Entrepreneurs can even acknowledge card instalment with this application.

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