Ajinomoto India is looking forward to expand its business exponentially

Japanese food processing and seasoning company Ajinomoto has been operating in the market for the last 110 years and is selling its products in more than 130 countries across the globe. In India it has been operating for more than 15 years, concentrating mainly in the Tamilnadu market with coverage over 70,000 outlets in the state. Also it has 11 company owned depot & 120 distributor in Tamilndu. Now the company is expanding its footprints across Telangana, Andhra, and Karnataka and in the north eastern states in India. In Andhra the company has 30 distributor & 6000 outlet coverage. In Karnataka the company already appointed 11 distributors & have 10000 outlet coverage. Telangana also at present they have 7 distributor & 2000 retailers’ coverage.

Umami seasonings AJI-NO-MOTO® (Monosodium Glutamate) is the parent brand for the company, which is manufactured from natural ingredients like Sugarcane and tapioca through natural fermentation process and without adding any chemicals and hence are safe for health. Most importantly it is approved by FSSAI in India, USFDA, Food safety Australia & New Zealand.  But, the world market is flooded with Chinese and locally manufactured duplicate products with false labels. The consumers must remain alert about such fraudulently manufactured products and use only genuine MSG. “On our part, we too are trying our best to take all necessary precautions to remove these duplicate products,” said Mr. Atsushi Mishuku, the Managing Director of Ajinomoto India Private Limited

Mr, Govinda Biswas, Ajinomoto’s Marketing Manager in India. Pointed out that the production factory set up near Kancheepuram, Chennai, provides employment to-176 local population and added that it was necessary in order to distribute and market the products as swiftly as possible. On the quality & safety of MSG, he said that one of the ingredients, ‘Glutamate,’ is present in mother’s breast milk also. Since it is also present in breast milk, It is safe for consumption by infants also, he said. Moreover Ajinomoto India is also an IS0-22000 -Food Safety Management system, ISO-9001:2015-Quality Management system & ISO-45001-Occupational health & safety management certified company. So, quality & safety is our first priority.

Aji-No-Moto - Taste Enhancer 2

Elaborating further, he said in 2015 company introduce Hapima®-Fried rice mix into the market and currently, Hapima is ranked Number 1 in fried rice mix brand  in terms of market share and later they have launched Hapima®-Crispy fry mix ,which is now Number-3 in Fry mix seasoning category. In the year 2017, the company launched – Blendy-3in1-Masala Chai & Coffee, which is doing well in the category. In the year -2019, the company expanded its portfolio with the introduction of Hapima®-Veg Masala Mix-Varuval & Poriyal specifically for the Tamilnadu market.

In the year -2016 the company entered into a joint venture with Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. and ventured into the noodles manufacturing category and launched A&M-Noodles into the market.

Now, the company is continuing to expand its footprint through the expansion on ecommerce platforms through amazon & bigbasket.com. Through this e-commerce platform the company is now serving the entire loop & corner of India and continues to deliver delicious seasonings to the Indian platter.

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