IDBI Federal Life Insurance encourages parents to fearlessly plan for their children’s futures through its #FutureFearless campaign

The year 2020 has brought about events that have made people sceptical about what the future holds. Against this backdrop, India’s leading private life insurance company, IDBI Federal Life Insurance today announced the launch of its brand campaign,#FutureFearless which seeks to remind people that the future is not a source of fear, but a place of possibilities. The campaign reminds grown-ups that through early and responsible financial planning, not only their children’s but their own dreams can be fulfilled, enabling them to be truly #FutureFearless.

Speaking on the thought behind the campaign, Mr. Karthik Raman, Chief Marketing Officer & Head – Products, IDBI Federal Life Insurancesaid, “We are living in unprecedented times with disruptions on all fronts. These upheavals coupled with the constant barrage of negative news have added to people’s worry and anxiety. However, our research has shown that while grown-ups are apprehensive of the future and what it holds, the children of today are ready to embrace a world of possibilities. Comfortable with technology, up-to-date with the latest trends and completely aware of the world around them, the next generation of kids are confident and ready to explore new professions and career paths.”

“Our latest campaign, #FutureFearless, is a timely intervention to encourage grown-ups to learn from their own children who dream fearlessly about their future and to look ahead with optimism. Thoughtful financial planning, through our IDBI Federal Life Insurance Child Plans, has the power to not only enable a positive change in outlook toward the future, but also facilitate the future that our children are fearlessly dreaming about.” Mr. Ramanadded.

The campaign launches with a film featuring cricketing legend and the organisation’s Brand Ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar. Sharing his views on the campaign, Sachin Tendulkar said, “As a parent, the challenges that we went through a decade ago while raising our kids are very different from the challenges faced by the parents of today. The current generation of kids are going to inherit a very different future, one in which AI, robotics, space travel and bio-engineering are the norm. And parents, while they do read about these evolving disciplines, are hesitant to embrace them wholeheartedly, even when their kids talk about it or when the evidence is all around them. #FutureFearless is a much-needed campaign in these uncertain times. It gives confidence and encouragement to parents that with the right planning, they can give wings to their children’s unfettered dreams.”

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The film brings alive the differences in perception about the same issues between parents and kids. While parents are worried about how things will shape up, and see nothing but challenges, the kids view the future with optimism, and are confident that they will be part of the solution. This film shows parents how out of sync their own fears are when compared with their kids’ fearless dreams. And drives home the point that with the right financial planning, courtesy, IDBI Federal’s Child Plans, they can be prepared to support these dreams.

The #FutureFearless campaign has been conceptualized and created in partnership with VMLY&R India. The campaign rolls out from July 01, 2020 across the gamut of digital platforms including social media, online news sites, OTT platforms, education portals and gaming apps.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Venkatagiri Rao, Creative Head, VMLY&R India, says, “20 years from now, the world will still need engineers and doctors. Just very different kinds of engineers or doctors than parents can imagine. Gene tech, machine learning, climate science, recycling, anti-ageing, space exploration – the emerging needs and opportunities are incredible. Unless parents wake up and overcome their fears to embrace emerging technologies today, they will make their worst fears come true for their children. #FutureFearless is a wakeup call to parents. As an insurance brand, it is imperative that we help our customers make the most of the future, and not just brace for it.”

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