Qraa Herbals Launches Organic Cleanser for Fruits & Vegetables

The Veggie Wash is designed to get rid of harmful pesticides, viruses & bacteria.

Qraa Herbals has launched Veggie Wash to simplify disinfecting fruits and vegetables during the pandemic. Qraa Herbals is India’s leading natural cosmetics company which believes in actively utilizing herbal ingredients instead of chemical-based, synthetic and cruel animal tested cosmetics.

The Veggie Wash is an organic cleanser for fruits and vegetables. Its organic composition consists of corn, coconut, apple cider vinegar and citric acid to disinfect fruits and vegetables thoroughly. It does not contain any harmful preservatives, detergent soap, chlorine, perfume or alcohol.

Veggie Wash - Qraa Herbals VerticalVeggie Wash is available on the official website of Qraa Men, Amazon and Flipkart.

The pandemic has increased the need for maintaining hygiene now more than ever. The Veggie Wash removes wax, soil, chemicals, bacteria & viruses present on the surface of fruits and vegetables. Disinfecting fruits and vegetables is the need of the hour to protect ourselves from contracting coronavirus. “By disinfecting fruits and vegetables, we enhance our overall health. Healthy eating and maintaining hygiene are the key to building a stronger immune system.” Said Mr. Karan Gupta, the Director of Qraa Herbals.

The food we eat during lockdown is our source of building a stronger immunity against infections and diseases. Using Veggie Wash for disinfecting fruits & vegetables is as important as washing hands with soap. “We’ve introduced Veggie Wash to make disinfecting fruits and vegetables hassle-free during such a difficult time. It is made of organic ingredients to detoxify fruits and vegetables. By maintaining hygiene, we ensure that the spread of coronavirus is contained.” Added Mr. Gupta, the Director of Qraa Herbals, on the importance of disinfecting fruits and vegetables.

The Veggie Wash is 100% safe and easy to use. Add 15 ml of Veggie Wash to 500 ml of water to soak fresh fruits and vegetables for one minute. Wash the fruits and vegetables individually in the solution. Place them in a strainer and wash them under running tap water. 3 % Veggie Wash to water ratio is recommended to effectively clean fruits and vegetables.

Qraa Herbals is filling the need gap of sanitization during the lockdown with Veggie Wash and SafeHands hand sanitizer to protect consumers from contracting coronavirus. “During this lockdown, sanitization is our key area of focus. Disinfecting fruits & vegetables ensures that the food we consume is detoxified and fit for consumption. Veggie Wash effectively eliminates harmful toxins, bacteria and viruses from fruits and vegetables.” Said Mr. Karan Gupta, the Director of Qraa Herbals.

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