The 4th International Diabetes Summit 2020 started in Pune by Chellaram Diabetes Institute

4th International Diabetes Summit 2020 was inaugurated on 6th March, 2020 at J.W. Marriot Hotel PuneLt. Gen Dr Madhuri Kanitkar (Deputy Chief of Integrated Defense Staff under the Chief of Defense Staff) was the Chief Guest and Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan (Vice-Chairman, University Grants Commission, New Delhi) was the Guest of Honor.

At the time of the inauguration, Mr. Vikram Chellaram- CEO of Mordril PropertiesMr. Prakash Bhoopatkar – Trustee and Vice-Chairman of Chellaram Foundation and GroupDr. Unnikrishnan AG – Endocrinologist and CEO of Chellaram Diabetes Institute and Dr. Anil Pandit – Chief Medical Director of Chellaram Diabetes Institute shared the dais. The 3-day conference was started with Shree Ganesh Aarti and Lamp Lighting Ceremony.

The 3-day International Diabetes Summit will be held from 6th to 8th March 2020 in Pune. In these 3 days, Over 2000 delegates are expected to attend this conference. Eminent international speakers and over 50 renowned faculty members from India are speaking at the summit. International Diabetes Summit will help to throw new light on diabetes management.

At the time of inauguration ‘The Handbook of In-patient Glucose Management’ book released by Lt. Gen. Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar and Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan.

During the 4th International Diabetes Summit 2020, renowned international doctors and researchers spoke on advances and advancements in the field of diabetes.

4th International Diabetes Summit 2020 inaugurated and Lamp Lighting Ceremony by Lieutenant General Dr Madhuri Kanitkar

Lt. Gen Dr Madhuri Kanitkar, said, that “Education is not reaching out to improve public health & research is not being benefitted so unless three-part of triangle – education on one end, research is on other and public health in the third corner. Dr. Kanitkar highlighted Chellaram Diabetes Institute is doing the same automation, innovation & scientific approach to make this continuous circle.”

She added, “Diabetes is slow killing epidemic, should be treated seriously, find time for yourself & take care of yourself because the lifestyle of today is very stressful.

She ended with Chinese proverb “Average doctors treat, better doctor diagnose & best doctors prevent so let’s reach out & prevent diabetes.

Speaking at the inauguration, CEO and Chief Endocrinologist of Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Dr. A G Unnikrishnan said, “Diabetes is not life-threatening but it can also lead to a better life with the right advice. This conference is helping to the conference is nothing short of doing a marriage, you are marrying academics with clinical practice and this conference is that marriage. Healthy habits & exercise along with the newest technology and knowledge will minimize the risk of diabetes.

Sharing his views on health in India, Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, (Vice-Chairman, University Grants Commission, New Delhi) “Diabetes is increasing in epidemic proportions worldwide. Giving treatment to diabetes patient is helpful but educating them about diabetes gives a multiplication effect. It is very important to do these kind of conferences because it reaches many people. The need of the hour is to empower health care providers with basic and advanced diabetes care expertise for better management of diabetes and its associated complications.

He added, “Insulin gives only 20% effect for diabetes patient the rest is given by patient education and not only by treatment.

The Chellaram Diabetes Institute (CDI), well known for its commitment towards the fight against Diabetes, had organized International Diabetes Summits for 3 consecutive years with huge success.

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