Upstox revamps its trading platform; introduces Pro Web 3.0

Markets have seen extreme volatility thus providing an impetus to trading volumes. To help these traders make quick, well informed, and accurate trades, Upstox, India’s one of the fastest-growing brokers has upgraded its trading platform exclusively for options traders.

The new version has been incorporated with the powerful ‘React Javascript’ and an enhanced user interface, to provide a better trading experience for the trading community. It is more advanced, simple, easy to use, and seamless in execution. The series of first of its kind features that are offered on Pro Web 3.0 are as follows:

1. Two chart libraries:

Upstox Pro Web 3.0 has inbuilt charts powered by, a professional charting platform. Now, a trader doesn’t have to visit this site separately to create or study charts. A trader can customize multiple charting option and view detailed charts in a new tab. A trader can also use the existing ChartIQ library as per his/her comfort.

2. Modifications of bracket orders

Bracket order is an order where a trader can enter a new position along with a target and a stop-loss order. Once placed, modifying stop loss (2nd leg) and target (3rd leg) is a huge hassle. With Pro Web 3.0, a trader can now modify the bracket orders, all-in-one place, and at one time through the positions tab in the platform.

3. Option chain with strategy mode

Pro Web 3.0 has a unique integrated option chain feature. Traditionally, a trader has to refer to his trading tools and strategy tools differently, which is very time-consuming. With Pro Web 3.0’s option chain feature, a trader can now create a strategy, and place the order, all in one place. The trader also has an option to send 4 orders at once, using the strategy mode!

4. Pin stocks to your watchlists

Upstox Pro Web 3A trader can now keep track of his/her favorite stocks and indices. With Pro Web 3.0, one can now pin up to 2 stocks/indices on to the watchlist header. No other platform provides this feature.

5. Toggle view in the watchlist

This is yet another unique toggle view feature, an intraday trader can now view his watchlist basis volume instead of price.  The trader can switch between volume and price, simply by clicking on the toggle button on Pro Web 3.0.

6. View your order and portfolio history along with the scrip details

It is a major inconvenience of constantly switching between the scrip details tab, the orders tab, and the portfolio tab on a trading terminal. With Pro Web 3.0, a trader can view order and portfolio history of a particular scrip in the details tab of that scrip. The trader will now have all the information about a particular scrip in one place, thus reducing the hassle of switching between different windows.

7. View recent payments history

Keeping track of multiple fund transfers over a period of time can become a very difficult task. A trader can now keep track of the last 10 fund transfers (deposits and/or withdrawals) between bank and trading accounts under the funds tab on Pro Web 3.0.

With Pro-Web 3.0, Upstox continues to disrupt the low-cost digital brokerage space with cutting-edge technological innovations. Founded with the vision of making financial investing easy, equitable, and affordable to all Indian investors, Upstox aims to change the user experience for options traders in the country.

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