inDriver Resumes Operation in Hyderabad

Compulsory for passengers to wear a mask before getting into the cab

inDriver is all set to resume operations in Hyderabad effective immediately as permitted under the guidelines of lockdown 4.0. Beginning today, our users will once again be able to book rides or earn income with inDriver.

Zero surges, zero commission a global ride-hailing service, inDriver, aims to make it a transparent business model for both passengers and drivers. It is the only app that allows users to negotiate their cab fare before booking the ride in real-time.

inDriver Resumes Operation in Hyderabad“After almost two months of suspended services, we are excited to resume our services. However, as the threat of COVID-19 remains present and the safety of both drivers and passengers is a primary concern for the company. So we will ensure both our driver partners and our passengers take the necessary precautions” added Pavit Nanda, PR and Communications Manager, India.

The passengers need to be extra careful while taking the ride and follow the important rules to maintain good personal hygiene:

  • Wear a mask before getting into your cab. This is essential to prevent transmission of the virus to the driver, in case you are an asymptomatic carrier.
  • Passengers will be allowed to occupy only the back seat while traveling.
  • Passengers need to handle their luggage, drivers will not be allowed to help.
  • Sanitize your hands before entering the cab and after completing your ride.
  • Maintain social distancing, and fully comply with the rules and regulations set by the authorities when using inDriver services.

Our driver partners have also been asked to maintain personal hygiene practice by ensuring they follow the precautions mentioned below:

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Government guidelines restrict the maximum passengers allowed in a cab to two. The drivers should ensure that this is strictly followed and that both passengers occupy the back seats.
  • The driver must use the vehicle’s air conditioner only in fresh-air mode. Other modes should be avoided to ensure clean air within the confines of the cab.
  • Clean hands with hand sanitizer regularly
  • Sanitize the vehicle regularly
  • Stay at home and seek medical attention if feeling unwell

We will continue to monitor the current situation and provide updates to our users on any changes to our operations. Meanwhile, we urge our users to be vigilant during these uncertain and challenging times. Stay at home and only travel when necessary.

To book a ride, download the app, just enter point A and B in the app, the fare you are willing to pay, and choose your driver. It’s simple and fast. inDriver puts the power back in the user’s hand. Passengers can select the most suitable driver based on what is important to them – fare, driver rating, estimated time of arrival. It is the only ride-hailing app in India which allows the passengers to suggest a fare for their selected route. Nearby drivers receive the fare and route information and can either accept the offer or bargain for more money. Passengers then see multiple offers from drivers and can pick the one they want based on things such as fare amount, driver ratings, and type of vehicle. On the other hand, the driver has the possibility to choose only the most profitable trips and to make a counteroffer to the passenger, something that no other service offers.

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