Madras Security Printers Provides IoT-based COVID War Room for Mangaluru Smart City

The Chennai-based Madras Security Printers (MSP), a leading Smart City solutions company, has been implementing the COVID War Room for Mangalore Smart City, enabling the administrators to fight the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic with cutting-edge IT, IoT, and analytics tools.

Originally setup by MSP as an Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) for the administration of Mangaluru Smart City, a year ago, the advanced IT infrastructure, is being used as the central point for monitoring quarantine, managing field force from various government departments, tracking the movement of people using Geographic Information System, real time and predictive analytics, and telemedicine, among others.

Commenting about the smart pandemic operations, Mr. Arul Prathan, Director, MSP, said that the company set up the ICCC for Mangaluru Smart City in 2019 and has been under the contract to support various administrative operations related to healthcare, traffic, solid waste management, among others. With the outbreak of Corona, the Dakshina Kannada District Administration has entrusted us with the mandate to convert ICCC into COVID War Room.

Madras Security Printers Provides IoT-based COVID War Room for Mangaluru Smart CityThe smart infrastructure is used for developing predictive analytics using heat maps and taking action in monitoring the movements of people (by collecting data using GPS, RFID, and Wi-Fi from mobile devices and RFID tags) as well as the periodic health status of suspected cases.

Telemedicine services are provided using a dedicated Call Centre with a helpline number for monitoring and advising the citizens under self-quarantine. The solution also helps in monitoring, collecting, consolidating, and reporting real-time data on the pandemic.

As the COVID War Room coordinates multi-departmental activities, it has turned into a base for professionals and first respondents from Mangaluru Corporation, police and doctors to take calls from citizens and provide information.

MSP is a 42-year old company specializing in e-governance solutions, IT & ICT based solution, smart card solutions, identity management, biometric solutions, data center & and high security printing. In addition to Mangaluru, the company currently provides Smart City solutions to few more cities in India, Nepal, and Kenya. Among the major operations that run on MSP’s infrastructure include solid waste management; bus transport; monitoring air quality and environment, disaster management; emergency response, and surveillance.

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