Rajalakshmi Group of Institutions develop unique AI software to detect COVID-19

In the aftermath of the World Health Organization’s designation of the novel coronavirus as a pandemic, several measures have been put in place by various Governments to minimise the spread of the infection. But still, COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly across the world snatching away the lives of many.

Hence, in a bid to help the Central and the State Governments and also the people, a team of students and faculty from Rajalakshmi Group of Institutions, has developed a breakthrough software to detect COVID-19.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool is based on neural network to detect COVID-19, CAP (Community-Acquired Pneumonia) and normal condition from chest X-Ray images.  A whopping number of 14148 images were used in the training process and the tool has testing accuracy of 95.4 percent.

The highlights of the tool are:

* No installation required. It is a simple website which can be accessed from anywhere.

* As simple as uploading a photo on social media.

* The result will come within a second of uploading.

Dr. S. Rajkumar, Professor & Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering;

Dr. V. Sapthagirivasan, Professor, BME;

Mr. V. Rajaraman, Assistant Professor, CSE;

Mr. Ashwin Ramesh III Year CSE (student)

are the members of the team that developed the unique software. All the above are part of Centre of Medical Imaging of Rajalakshmi Group of Institutions.

Dr. Haree S Meganathan from the management of Rajalakshmi Institutions, who is a radiologist himself, said, “It is a matter of immense pride that our students and staff have developed this AI based platform to detect COVID-19 cases. Our team has spent sleepless nights working on and testing this software in such short notice.”

Rajalakshmi Group of InstitutionsHe added: “We are keen to support all government and private hospitals with this quick and accurate tool which will be free of cost. We at Rajalakshmi Institutions have always made it a point to give back to the society and this is a milestone in that regard.”

Mr. Ashwin Ramesh of III Year CSE, said, “I am so proud to be part of this great team that has made a big development in the detection of COVID-19, which is currently posing a huge threat to the global community. I am indebted to our professors and management for constantly motivating us.”

The software will be given free of cost to the Government by Rajalakshmi Group of Institutions, as part of its continuous measures to contribute its best to the community and the country. Already, after the Government announced lockdown, Rajalakshmi Engineering College is making available lectures of all subjects online for its students through a state of the art lecture capture solution that has been installed in the campus. Rajalakshmi Engineering College is one among the earlybirds in the country to do this.

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