A Lemon a Day, Keeps the Virus Away

Dr. Mona Dahiya, Co-Founder and Director, Homefoodi

The number of corona virus cases in India is increasing even while we are talking about it. During this Global Pandemic, the cases are increasing globally and prevention is the only possible cure. Daily precautionary measures, washing hands on a regular basis, practising social distancing, exercising  and getting enough sleep is the key to lower risk of infection, it is the only way to control the spread of any viral infection and that holds true for COVID-19 as well. Science says, Vitamin C has a preventative effect against Viral Infection.

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is a water-soluble Vitamin which is essential for our body to form collagen in bones, muscles, cartilages, blood vessels and supports the absorption of Iron. Our body does not produce Vitamin C and the only way is to consume it through food.

Dr Mona Dahiya - Co-Founder and Director - Homefoodi

Every research has concluded that people with Vitamin C deficiency are susceptible to infection with impaired immunity. Medical Research has proven that Vitamin C can help prevent respiratory infections like the Flu. In essence, the more effective our immune system, the better are we prepared to fight off any Flu Virus. When we have optimum levels of Vitamin C, our bodies produce interferons which are proteins created by the immune system to fight virus. Numerous studies on humans has proved the benefits of Vitamin C to fight Viral Infections, Flu and Influenza.

One Lemon contains the Daily Dietary requirement of Vitamin C that our Body needs.

Lemon-found in every household has been serving as a saviour since time immemorial; it has helped us fight viral infections for centuries. Lemon comes in handy to upgrade regular recipes, they bring out the tangy taste in every recipe.

Salads turn delicious with Lemon, Tea becomes different with it, and Chaat is incomplete without it. With summers fast approaching, it is time for India’s favourite “Nimbu Pani” to come into action. Nimbu pani is the perfect beverage for summers as it replenishes our body salts, essential vitamins and minerals. It should be our go to drink to get our daily dose of vitamin C that prevents us from viral infections.

Vedas have emphasized the importance of nimbu pani. To quote the world-famous commentator and journalist Samuel George Blythe “It is the panacea for tender feet in the tropics. It is the regulator, the reviver, the protector against fever, the assassin of germs, the foe of tropical acidity, the enemy of rheumatic conditions, the quencher of thirst, the general efficient hygienic handy-man within the body.

One can play around with the taste by adding a combination of mint leaves, chat masala, black salt, coriander powder and cumin powder. The best way to beat the heat during summers is to store a bottle or two of this magical drink- “Nimbu Pani”

With centuries of experience to lean on, be safe and remember “A Lemon a Day Keeps the Virus Away”.

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