Manage the modern age diseases with old age Ayurveda

This World Health Day, Dabur brings Ayurveda infused solutions for Stress & Diabetes

With the increasingly rapid pace of life and degrading health habits, stress and diabetes has become a part of the life of 21st century man. Both stress and diabetes are fatal individually, however when combined together can instigate health loss internally as well as externally. Our age old traditional medicine system – Ayurveda, offers multifold solutions to the modern age diseases like diabetes.

Dabur-madhurakshak-activ-corton - AyurvedaStress is one of the most common syndrome today. Though a human body needs stress hormones to live well and adapt well to different situations in life, but at the same time too much of stress over an extended period of time can disturb the bodily functions and make us prone to infections and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and arthritis. Stress shares a very close relationship with and Type 2 diabetes. Medical research has shown that stressful situations can trigger the development of Type 2 diabetes. Anxiety, sleeping problems, anger, and hostility are also associated with an increased risk for the development of Type 2 diabetes.

In classic Ayurveda, diabetes is called ‘madhumeha/ prameha’, a disorder due to improper diet, erratic or sedentary lifestyle and obesity. It describes diabetes as a hereditary disease passed on by a diabetic family member. The solution to Diabetes (Prameha/Madhumeha) has been described based on a diabetic’s body type. It suggests adopting a healthy and active lifestyle along with medication and diet as the body stamina and vitality. There are various ayurvedic herbal preparations that provide good relief in patients with diabetes and stress. One such formulation is Dabur Madhurakshak Activ which is a unique combination of potent ayurvedic herbs for people with diabetes or at pre-diabetes stage. It contains herbs like Amla, Karela, Gudmar, and Jamun. Researched by CCRAS, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, the combination of these herbs have been found in reducing blood sugar and diabetes related complications and improving health in people with diabetes.

The manuscripts of Ayurveda encapsulates the effect of stress on health through the concept of ‘Manovikaras’. An important part of the body’s immune system, Manovikaras, is a substance found within all cellular tissues and the mind. It is primarily responsible for providing the mind with stability and contentment. It is widely believed that lifestyle changes like increasing physical activity and changing dietary patterns are a necessary part of stress and diabetes management. For stress related symptoms, there are various herbal preparations available Ayurveda; one such unique preparation is Dabur Stresscom, a lipid based formulation that contains Ashwagandha which is well researched herb for managing stress. It reduces the serum cortisol, improves immunity and helps the body to better manage various types of stress. Ayurvedic solutions help reduce stress and attain optimum health and peace of mind.

The model of Ayurveda advices all of us to lead a life that is balanced and in harmony with our surroundings. It helps manage diabetes andstress by practicing a combination of corrective Aahar (diet), Vihar (exercise), and Aushadhi (Medicines) which leads to holistic growth of body as well as mind.

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