Aroma Leaf launches range of Facial Kit

Aroma Leaf O Plus FAIRERGLO Facial Kit

Aroma Leaf, the manufacturer of beauty products has commenced different range of Facial Kit for glowing and flawless skin. The range of Facial Kit deeply penetrates the skin and helps regain skin charm while enhancing the skin tone.

works as an advanced Skin Whitening treatment which controls the skin oil and enhances the skin complexion. This facial works wonder for dark complexion skin and improves the dull and tanned skin.

Aroma Leaf GOLDBLISS Facial KitAroma Leaf GOLDBLISS works as an advanced Skin Radiance agent which provides natural luster to the skin. This Facial works effectively to for all skin types and added gold dust ensures glowing skin.

Aroma Leaf PARTY GLOW is an advanced Skin Brightening formula which illuminates skin with dazzling Radiance. This Facial works great for all skin types and provides instant glow to the skin.

Aroma Leaf PARTY GLOW Facial Kit

Aroma Leaf facials results to instant skin glow and comes with five magical steps of Cleanser, Scrub, Cream, Gel and Face Pack which deeply cleanses the skin; Scrub works as skin exfoliation; Massage Crème nourishes the skin; Gel provides natural glow and lastly Face Pack enhances the skin tone ensuring a flawless and fairer skin.

Aroma Leaf PARTY GLOW is priced at Rs. 150, Aroma Leaf O+FAIRERGLO and Aroma Leaf GOLDBLISS are priced at Rs. 175 each for 50 G of pack and are available at all leading departmental stores across the country.

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