Indore Chem Organic Food Championship – Get a chance to win prizes worth Rs. 50000

Indian cuisine is famous all over the world. Its uniqueness stands out in so many ways. Indian curries and spices are literally to die for; not to forget the spices used have medicinal and nutritional properties. Our cuisine reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages. Just like Indian culture, food in India has also been influenced by various civilizations, which have contributed their share in its overall development and the present form.

Rich with external influences, impressive history and all sorts of interesting ingredients, Indian cuisine is as fascinating as it is delicious. Love for food transcends to every household and people have discovered a passion for cooking and experimenting with food. Some do it for taste and to discover new flavors of various states while others like to keep health in mind and choose their options keeping calories in mind.

Indore Chef Organic Food ChampionshipIn order to recognize such skilled people, there are many competitions for making new dishes in India. On the same lines, the Ritz events is soon bringing a unique food championship contest in the country in which food makers from many parts of the country including Indore can participate.

The Indore Chef Organic Food Championship organized in collaboration with Health 24×7 not only gives you a chance to make delicious organic food for yourself and your loved ones but also win a prize money of up to ₹ 50000. It is very easy to be a part of the Indore Chef Championship. For this, you have to complete a simple registration process. After which you can submit your recipe as per the guideline given on the website of Ritz Events. The deadline for registration in this competition has been set to 31 May 2020; the finale will be on 20 June.

Atul Malikram, founder of the Ritz event, said that there is no age limit to participate in Indore Chef. But registration is mandatory. During the competition, participants will have to prepare pure vegetarian organic dishes. The top 20 contestants will be shortlisted for prelims based on the dish’s name, hygiene, innovation and presentation. At the same time, the top 8 of the top 20 will be sent to the next round based on their performance. The top 3 winners will be selected from the top 8.

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