DrinkPrime and Bounce to equip Bengaluru police stations with potable drinking water

DrinkPrime, India’s no. 1 smart water purifier on subscription and Bounce, a leading dockless shared mobility player, are installing water purifiers in police stations within the city. The startups aim to provide police officials with easy access to potable drinking water. Thirty police stations, including Avalahalli, Talagattapura, Basaveshwranagar have water purifiers installed by DrinkPrime and Bounce. The startups will bear the cost of the water purifier along with maintenance and servicing cost, for the lifetime.

Access to safe drinking water is one of the biggest challenges across Bengaluru city. Most offices, private businesses and households depend on canned drinking water, but people are concerned about the quality of the water and the reusability of jars. Government organizations install water purifiers, however there are many departments which lack basic amenities. According to the Status of Policing in India report 2019, officials have to work under tough conditions and basic infrastructure is inadequate in police stations across the country.

“Every police personnel in the city works through long shifts and high-stress levels. They endure health risks working in hazardous conditions with limited amenities to serve in need of the hour. Police stations need to be equipped with better facilities for them to work and recuperate, including easy access to clean drinking water. With initiatives like these, we will continue working towards addressing fundamental issues in the city, to ensure smooth operations and safety.” said Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO and Co-founder of Bounce.

Drink Prime - Bounce - To equip Bengaluru police stations with potable drinking water

Commenting on this initiative, Vijender Reddy, Co-founder of DrinkPrime said, “The idea behind this initiative was to keep those heroes safe, who keep our city safe. We are aware of the current water crisis across the city; it is as much about quality as it is about quantity. With that in mind, we started the campaign to enable hassle free access to clean and affordable water for our police officials. We are fine-tuning the entire process from installation to filtering to monitoring. We will ensure officers don’t have to worry about anything and they will have access to clean water 24/7.”

Both DrinkPrime and Bounce, address deep-routed fundamental problems of the society. Focused on solving massive water quality problems in urban India, DrinkPrime provides smart water purifiers on rent. It gives complete independence from the buying cost and maintenance charge of water purifiers, ensuring access to affordable and clean water across Bengaluru. DrinkPrime has launched this initiative in partnership with Bengaluru’s Bounce, one of the leading dockless shared mobility player who is committed to make daily commute stress-free, reliable and time saving.

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