Brevistay – A Revolution in The Hospitality Industry

We live in an era of customization. From food, lifestyle to travel, every industry is competing to provide bespoke options suiting their customer’s needs. We don’t just have the advantage to customize the toppings on our pizza, but also have the option to choose how our phone covers will look. The Hotel industry is also riding this wave of customer convenience.

The concept of hotels was introduced around the mid-17th Century as paid lodging for travelers who needed accommodation while they were on the road. With the growing demand, luxury hotels came into the picture around the 19th Century, and the transformation of hotels has been ongoing ever since. Today’s hotel industry is multifaceted, versatile, and appealing to a much larger cluster of people than just travelers. We have ergonomic business hotels to lavish tasteful resorts that cater to distinctive customer needs.

The most recent revolution in the hospitality industry has been the concept of micro stay. You stay for a few hours, and instead of paying for the whole day, you are liable to pay only for those few hours. This is where Brevistay comes in to focus. Brevistay is a hospitality start-up that looks at hotel accommodation from a unique perspective. Brevistay believes in flexibility and affordability and hence has introduced the concept of hourly stay and pay option in the Indian market.

The modern-day customer is smart and knows exactly what they want. When checking out hotels, customers choose their requirements first and then filter out properties that provide what they need. If the hotel industry is not adaptive, they lose out on business.

The more options they have for the customer, the higher the chance for the booking to happen. There can be so many reasons for which a customer might need to use a hotel service for a few hours but, that seldom happens to keep in mind the cost they have to bear for just those few hours of comfort. Brevistay brings relief to customers by providing hourly stay an option without having to worry about being overcharged. You can choose the number of hours you want to stay and pay accordingly. Imagine the relief it gets to a person whose flight is delayed by 4 hours, or who missed a train and needs to catch the next one which arrives the next morning. Not only for the customers, but this is also a very lucrative concept for hotel owners and management.

According to a recent study, it has been brought to notice that most of the people on a working day check-into a hotel only by evening and check-out in the morning before 9 am. Hotels can now make the room accessible for those un-occupied hours in the market and get rewarded for the same. The hotels understand that they get to serve more customers and hence earn more loyalty as they accommodated the customer in the hour of need.

Brevistay brings a fresh approach to how hotels view their target market and how customers view their hotel stay options. The start-up partners with hotels that support the hourly concept and makes them available on their website for the customers to choose and book. It offers various options from budget hotels to grand luxury stays, suiting the consumer’s requirement. The best part is, the properties registered with Brevistay are couple-friendly. There will be no scrutiny or unnecessary hassle if you are traveling with your friend or girlfriend anymore, if you have your identification documents in place, you are welcome to check-in. Brevistay works toward breaking the redundant culture and stereotypes that prevail in society about hotels. The motto is to believe that nothing is off-limits, to make a mark in today’s economy, you have to understand the need of the hour and act accordingly.

The hospitality industry will scale new heights and see an impact on the utilization of their resources with this revolutionary concept. Brevistay opens up a whole new market segment for both hotels and customers by bringing in the concept of micro stay. The best part about the idea is the concept of bringing comfort cost-effectively. With Brevistay, a flight delay, a late meeting, a missed train will never be so agonizing.

Brevistay redefines the term customer-friendly by focusing on the existing gaps in the system and making it more feasible for each and everybody to reach out. Next time you want a break from your routine for a few hours, or a bit of rejuvenation time, or even have a couple of hours in hand and nothing better to do, check into a hotel through Brevistay and enjoy the good life.

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