FOXSKY Joins India’s Largest E-commerce: Targets INR 1000 Million by 2021

FOXSKY, the company owned and operated by the Bhardwaj Group, is now on Amazon India with plans to begin retailing mobile accessories and large appliances exclusively starting April 2020. Sachin Bhardwaj, CEO, FOXSKY, says that this move was taken after the company managed a successful partnership with Paytm India.

We are going Amazon exclusive from April 2020. Our plans include generating a Rs. 1000 million revenue from this partnership during the ongoing year. FOXSKY will be selling all mobile accessories, and large appliances via Amazon,”Sachin told.

FOXSKY’s major growth was recorded last year through several rounds of large appliances sales through Paytm. The company has now partnered with Cloudtail and Appario Retail, the latter being a joint venture of Amazon and Patni Group respectively. Since these two companies happen to be a product of Amazon itself, the company expects to have a great year with its new partnership.

Sachin Bhardwaj and Manish Bhardwaj - Directors of FOXSKYFOXSKY will focus on retailing mobile accessories with its Appario retail connection and large appliances with its Cloudtail connection. We will go all guns blazing out on Amazon starting April 2020. Apart from Google Certified TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air coolers, we plan to add more consumer electronics categories,” added Sachin.

FOXSKY sold more than 10,000 appliances during its first sting in the online channel. Its 65-inch TV stood out to be the best seller during these sales.

The company’s first products to hit Amazon’s e-commerce portal will include Google certified TVs which will be priced at around Rs. 8999 for a 32-inch variant and Rs. 13999 for a 40-inch variant. It plans to launch 65-inch TVs in India following the success of its comparatively smaller versions.

Google’s certification clearly defines that we want to serve the best to consumers in India. We do not compromise on the quality of our display-panels. All our TVs are either equipped with Samsung or LG OLED panels only,” stated Manish.

From April 2020, FOXSKY will be focusing on both offline and online sales channels in India. They’re currently present in 12 states of India and plans to be present in 20 Indian states by the end of 2020. FOXSKY products are retailed from more than 3,000 counters in these states currently that should account for about 11,000 counters by the end of the year.

Our focus during the first two years was on the offline channel. Now we will give equal importance to the online channel as well. Our audience reach will increase with this new venture. We decided to go with Amazon because we see a plethora of opportunities connecting with them. Our target is to achieve 100 crores revenue only from Amazon,” informed Manish.

With the company’s new reach in online as well as offline channels, it plans to launch refrigerators and air coolers in India. While the launch was earlier scheduled for November 2019, FOXSKY will enter the air-cooler vertical by April 2020.

FOXSKY’s Product Head Manish Bharadwaj explains, “While revenues are important, creating a brand image is critical. We will initially focus on creating a brand image for ourselves in India during this and the next year. We are sure that once we are able to do so, revenues and profits will come on their own!

The company will launch its air coolers this year and aims to deliver at least 50,000 air cooler units this season.

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