Paras Hospital Gurugram creates awareness on World Cancer Day with students and survivors

Leading multi-specialty hospital Paras Hospital Gurugram, known for their leading oncologists team,  observed World Cancer Day with school children, young survivors and hospital staff members.

Almost 100 students from Dronacharya Public School attended the event and presented their understanding of the dreaded disease by participating in a painting competition. The paintings were made on the theme ‘Cancer prevention’ and some outstanding paintings were seen.

Paras Hospital Gurugram creates awareness on World Cancer Day with students and survivors 4Dr (Col) R. Ranga Rao, VSM, one of the top medical oncologists with specialty in solid tumors, delivered a talk about cancer and it’s prevention. He highlighted how our poor lifestyle choices have become the leading causes of cancer in India.

“About 17 lakh new patients are diagnosed each year. Conservative estimate pit annual growth rate at 5- 7 % and annually 8 lakh people die due to cancer. The types of cancers in India are also undergoing transition. There is a decline of infection caused cancers in India such as cervical, and penile cancer, and an increase in lifestyle and aging associated cancers such as breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers.  The  numbers of cases all over the country are expected to double by 2030. Cerain amendment in the our lifestyle can keep the cancer away. We need to focus on more physical activity, less consumption of calories that result into obesity and staying away from alcohol and tobacco,” said Dr R. Ranga Rao, VSM, Chairman, Paras Cancer Centre, Paras Hospital, Gurugram.

Paras Hospital Gurugram creates awareness on World Cancer Day with students and survivorsIn the year 2018, 180 lakh new patients were diagnosed to have cancer out of which 98 lakh succumbed to cancer world wide. This is why the term cancer leads to a feeling of shock and fear as there are poor chances of survival and the treatment cost is high. Cancers continue to spread and grow through a process called metastasis wherein the malignant cells travel through lymphatic or blood vessels forming tumors in other parts of the body. In India cancer death rates are much higher than developed nation, as most are diagnosed in advance stage.

Launch of “Cancer screening van” was announced , the van will travel to the various cities of haryana and perform the various cancer screenings for local people free of costs.

The event witnessed the presence of young 5 cancer survivors, who shared their survival stories with the students. Their heart-touching stories inspired everybody present at the program. The day-long event ended by felicitating the cancer survivors and school children followed by a sumptuous lunch.

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