Girggit Introduces A Big Change In The Apparel Industry

girggit - logoFirst time in India, the indigenous apparel brand ‘Girggit’ has introduced a revolutionary concept in clothing with the launch of men’s t-shirts that change their designs and colours in exposure to sunlight. The same t-shirt looks different in design and colours when the wearer shifts from indoor to the outdoor environment and vice versa. Seems magical but true with Girggit’s new t-shirts collection.

Girggit SS42 with t-shirtMade from super fine-combed cotton (170 GSM with 24 counts), these trendy and youthful t-shirts will be available in Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L) sizes on all the leading MBOs and e-commerce portals.

The collection is designed by an ingenious team of young fashion designers and the fit & pattern of these t-shirts are snazzy as well as comfortable and are priced very Girggit SS42 with t-shirtreasonably within a price bracket of Rs. 855 to Rs. 1155.

At the launch of this offbeat collection, Mr. Himanshu Thakur, “Founder of Girggit said, “As the design and colours of the t-shirt change with the change in location, a consumer pays for one but buy two different products in the real sense. It is a new concept and people are loving it.”

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