Young techies come together for the 8th edition of Google Devfest, Pune

Over 1000 developers, IT professionals and techies came together at the 8th annual edition of Google Devfest in Pune, Maharashtra. Organised by Google Developer Group, Devfest saw a confluence of the best young minds in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more.

Bruce Schwack, Chief Communications Officer for and renowned global marketing and customer experience expert enthralled the Google Developers’ Devfest 2019 crowd in Pune and left them hungry for more after nearly an hour spent regaling the crowd of more than 1000 Google Developers with ‘stories that became lessons.’ The theme of Schwack’s address was ‘Lemons to Lemonade: Finding the Sweet Spot in Customer Experience,’ and many of his stories were about direct communication with customers, in his ongoing quest to make ‘1000 customers who hate us, love us again.’

Serendipitously, one such customer was Ms. Sucheta Dhere, a Machine Learning and AI expert for more than 20 years, who got a call from Schwack after she had expressed some dissatisfaction about one of her Netmeds experiences. Ms. Dhere said, “I was both surprised and impressed that the head of the CX department was personally calling me.” The call evolved into a friendship, and as one of the leaders of Women in Data and working with the organizers of the annual Developers’ Devfest in Pune, Ms. Dhere invited Bruce to speak at the event, held Sept 28 at the JW Marriott.

Event organizer and head of the Pune Google Developer Group Mahaveer Muttha raved about the talk saying, “It’s really amazing the way Bruce weaves his stories and experiences into lessons for life and business. This was one of the biggest Devfest events ever and he had the entire crowd on its feet.”

After the event more than 100 fest attendees lined up to take a selfie with Bruce and subsequently create a tweetstorm in which many of the tweets included praises like, “powerful, energizing, awesome and incredible” and many recalled the lessons that were imparted. One that was mentioned often related to the story Bruce told about delivering to a forest conservator in a Kaziranga National Park in Assam, and saving him a 12 hour round trip drive to the pharmacy each month, with the lesson being, “when you can create something that’s a good business and good for the society, that’s winning!”

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