Bounce welcomes Police’s intent to treat theft, vandalism as criminal offence

Bounce, world’s fastest growing smart mobility player, has committed to extend complete support to Bangalore City Police in its effort to make the City safer. In a recent meeting attended by all police & traffic DCPs and the city mobility players, the Commissioner of Police discussed the challenges faced by the mobility players and how the same can be solved through joint effort.

As part of the meeting, the City Police sought all mobility and delivery players to actively share information about repeat offenders with the police as well as each other to ensure such miscreants are isolated. Police assured that they will treat cases of bike vandalism and theft as criminal offence and thoroughly investigate until the offender is penalized.

Commenting on the same, Mr Bhaskar Rao, Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City said that his department is working tirelessly towards making Bengaluru city safe and peaceful and one of the ways is to make our roads safer. Commenting on the number of cases of vehicle vandalism and theft of parts, he said, “We will be taking strict action against those who vandalize public or shared property”.

This decision comes as part of several other initiatives that Mr Bhaskar Rao has been taking to make the streets of Bengaluru are safer and decongested. Bounce hopes that such strong actions will help solve some of the key issues faced by the city and make everyday commute a happy, fast and safe experience for all.

Commenting on the development, Anil G, Co-Founder and COO, Bounce said, “We are very happy with the decision taken by Mr Bhaskar Rao, Commissioner of Police, and wish to do our best to support Bengaluru City Police. We are using cutting edge technology to solve a number of problems that our customer face. This ensures that our bikes are safer and we have all relevant data on who uses our scooters where, when and how. This step by the Police will not only reduce misuse of our scooters, but also ensure that our customers have a better experience using them.

To make sure that its customers have the best experience while using Bounce scooters, the company has started equipping its bikes with tilt and tow sensors. It has also from this month making its helmets IOT enabled, thus making it difficult to steal them. With the decision of the police to treat theft and vandalism as criminal offence, Bounce believes that wrongdoers will refrain from mistreating public and shared property.

This decision will help solve crime cases where offenders have used a Bounce bike. As Bounce bikes cannot be used without a valid OTP, the company has accurate information about the user’s identity as well as the date, time and location of usage. Over the last few months, Bounce shared relevant and timely data with the Police that helped them in solving more than 17 cases.

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