First lady of New Jersey, Tammy Murphy, interacts with Magic Bus children during her historic visit to India

Tammy Murphy is on a historic first visit to India as the First Lady (wife of Governor, Phil Murphy) of New Jersey. As part of the visit aimed at increasing people to people connect, the First Lady and her team interacted with the youth from the Magic Bus programme, along with Jayant Rastogi, Global CEO and other senior leadership of Magic Bus to have a better understanding of the programme and its impact.

Tammy Murphy and her team interacted with 2 batches of 30 young people undergoing the Magic bus Livelihood programme that provides critical livelihood skills and a job. Their interaction started with a signature Magic Bus programme style where they played an icebreaker game and then got into a free-wheeling conversation. During the session the young people of Magic Bus wanted to know more about the First Lady and her journey in life, the special attractions of the state of New Jersey and her experience at Magic Bus. In response to the First Lady’s question on what was the most important lesson they have learnt in the Magic Bus programme, they had varied responses like ‘learning to speak confidently’, ‘speaking in English’, ‘body language’ and ‘how to use computers’.

Expressing her delight at interacting with the bunch of young people at Magic Bus, Tammy Murphy, First Lady of New Jersey said, “I think the students and young adults speak very well and represent this programme so well. Magic Bus is a vital NGO. What you are doing is super important in breaking the chain of poverty”

Thanking the First Lady, Jayant Rastogi, Global CEO, Magic Bus said, “Interacting with global leaders and achievers in different field such as the First Lady is an enriching experience for these young people that widens their understanding and world view, building a mind-set that stays with them throughout their life.  I thank Ms. Murphy for taking out time and interacting with our youth, such support will egg us on to further our work with more strength.”

Magic Bus aims to help young people and to get them out from the web of poverty and unemployment. This was put in motion with Livelihood program in 2015. With 42 Livelihood centres, Magic Bus team has trained 10,000 youth and placed 70% youth in jobs in the organized sector, career-based training or get self-employed, with an average salary of INR 10,287. Magic Bus is the platform through which one not just learns the skills but also initiates them in their real life. The success of the Childhood to Livelihood model can be seen in the lives of 1 lakh children and young people across 22 states of India.

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