Photojoint – A new player in the app game to make capturing moments trouble-free

“photojoint” app is now available for download on Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Technology has made daily life easy for most of us. If you have somewhere to go, pick up your phone, open an app cab service, punch in your destination and voila, your cab will reach you in 5-10 mins. If you feel hungry, pick up your phone and order from your favorite restaurant, food should reach you in about 45 mins or so. From a carpenter to a make up artist, every service is available on app services these days with just a few clicks. But what about an app dedicated solely to photography for the insta-crazy, selfie clicking generation? An app that lets one book photographers and gets the photos delivered in the same platform and allows photographers to connect with clients easily?
The answer to the queries above is here! “photojoint” a one-of-a-kind aggregator online platform which connects professional photographers with clients for all sorts of photographic requirements like, commercial, fashion, event ( wedding, pre-wedding, etc.) photography and personal requirements was launched today, on the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya. As a client, one can choose photographers based on location, ratings or reviews and portfolio or category of the event through this app.
photojoint” the brainchild of Mr. Abhijit Konar, a photographer from Kolkata originally started as a small photography enterprise in 2015. Speaking about his venture, Mr. Abhijit Konar, CEO, photojoint, added, “Having finished graduation, I decided to pursue photography after doing some odd jobs. The objective originally was to provide photographic services primarily through “photojoint”. Soon the idea of a platform where the photographer and the client can interact seamlessly arose from my experiences and that is where the idea of the app germinated.”
The app “photojoint” was originally conceptualized as an aggregator platform for photographers. Today in this digital age, mobile photography and selfies are the norms, yet somewhere the touch of a professional photographer elevates the moment that captures into a sublime piece of art. However, getting the right photographer for the right job and to ensure seamless delivery is a tough task for the average consumer in the market. It involves a lot of hurdles like getting the right recommendations through friends, assessing the quality of the photographers’ previous work which establishes credibility, the uncertainty of booking due to no fixed industry standards, adherence to on-time delivery and quality of the final finished images. It is these issues that we aim to solve primarily through the app where photographers will be registered based on their credibility, portfolio and location and the client can based on specific requirements choose the kind of photographer to enlist for the job. As an added erk team
“photojoint” is always there to provide any kind of assistance and also ensure timely delivery and seamless payment through our online payment gateway supported by PayTm.

The app is free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for use on your mobile devices. It works the same way as other aggregator platforms. This is the first version that is being launched and subsequent upgrades will follow. Team photojoint hopes to serve their patrons ably and get prompt and constructive feedback to develop the app and make it both consumer and photographer friendly in the near future.

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