Shop and Donate can go together with Sumara

Sumara is a simple chrome browser extension that lets users make FREE donations whenever they shop online on e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong and Shopclues. All this at no extra cost or efforts from the user. With a simple one-click install, you can make a huge contribution.

As online shopping is on rise, Indian consumers go crazy at every next sale. At the same time, making donations to charity is not a very common act among Indians. It could be because Indians find it a hassle or they are financially conservative or simply because it’s not a style statement.

Once a user installs the Sumara extension for the chrome browser, and visits an e-commerce website of their choice, they get to see the exact amount that will get donated when he/she decides to buy a particular product. As soon as the order gets placed, the extension tells the user exactly where this money went.

The idea behind this platform is to encourage donations in Indian society. Indians do not make as much donations as they should. As online shopping is already on the rise especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, it would be a good idea to piggyback on the shopping behaviour of consumers to encourage them to do donations. With Sumara, it is a duo combination of donations and online shopping. This is a Feel-Good Shopping where portion of your spending goes to a good cause.

The average ticket size of an online shopping stands at Rs 1750 per transaction per user. On a shopping order of Rs 1750, a user can donate up to Rs 120 (depending on the category of the purchase) via Sumara.

How It Works

Sumara can be installed from Chrome Web Store. It is a one-click install. Once installed, it is done. Now whenever a user shops online, he will be able to make a donation.

At every product page on the e-commerce websites, a user is displayed how much money would be donated from his side if he were to buy this product. As soon as an order is placed, we let user know where exactly his money is going. This creates an instant gratification for the user where user has 100% transparency about his donations.


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