House of Jaipur Jewels launches its new store in Delhi,  Sunder Nagar

She is invincible. Jaipur Jewels celebrates Her eternal spirit

At an afternoon dedicated to celebrate the spirit of woman, Jaipur Jewels launched their new boutique store in Sunder Nagar, Delhi. 

Jaipur Jewels Sunder Nagar Store Launch -3Jaipur Jewels are pioneers in crafting Jadau jewellery from the time of its birth. In the year 1969, they launched their first boutique store at Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai, home to some of the country’s most influential names. Likewise, the new store is located in South Delhi’s most coveted locality of the capital, Sunder Nagar.

The evening was co-hosted by renowned entrepreneur and socialite Mrs. Ramola Bachchan, “I am delighted to be associated with such a prestigious brand and it is my pleasure to co-host this wonderful event as we launch this beautiful new store to celebrate and pay ode to the true spirit of women” Spotted at the event were the elite of Delhi, Garima Lohia, Ajish Oberoi, Rachna Sandhu, Neera Bhatnagar, Amanpreet Wahi, Meenakshi Dutta,Garima Nagpal,Preeti Ghai, Sonal Jindal, Anjana Kuthiala and many more who admired and adorned the beautiful jewels on display.

Jaipure jewels_BanglesThe 1,200sq.ft boutique store reflects contemporary elegance and hues of the brand’s heritage which are synonymous with royalty and luxury. The designs showcased at the event were a mix of 3 renowned collections of Jaipur Jewels, ‘Myga, Rise Anew and Sarvarati’; each of them symbolizing the epitome of a woman. Myga represents the joy of having wings and portrays the invincible spirit of brides. Rise Anew reinvents the traditional jewellery inspired by the glorious woman of today. The Sarvrati collection is sculpted for women who exude the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless and classic style. Crafted with a view to make every woman embrace her uniqueness and celebrate her individuality, the designs comprised of masterpieces that represents the stature of luxurious design, path breaking innovations and expert craftsmanship. 

Jaipur Jewels Sunder Nagar Store Launch 02Speaking on the occasion Sarika Naheta, Director, Jaipur Jewels said “We are extremely pleased to be in Delhi, We have always been inspired by a woman’s spirit which is unconstrained by convention and her bold and spirited expressions reflect in our expertly crafted designs. As women’s day is just around the corner, we decided to celebrate womanhood with the launch of our new store in Delhi.”

Amit Naheta, Managing Director, Jaipur Jewels added ‘We now offer our expertise and proficient knowledge of intricate jewellery design to our customers in New Delhi. We applaud womanhood and Jaipur Jewels_30698celebrate the attribute that make her formidable. She inspires us, provokes us and unleashes the best in us. And we merely create. Our unique collections feature designs with the most intricate detailing and skilled craftsmanship.   Our statement jadau pieces, exquisite diamond creations and bespoke styles that create bridal, ready to wear and festive collections are outshined only by here. Each collection is unique and will tell you endless stories of how we travel the world over to source the most precious gems, unique antiques and top range diamonds to make them truly one of a kind.’   

With a heritage of over 150 years, Jaipur Jewels proudly hails from Rajasthan the land of art and culture. A vision that has transformed jewels into impeccable pieces of precious art, Jaipur Jewels is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and beauty.

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