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Byjus - Website - HomepageWith the exam season getting close, students are starting to fall into the clutches of panic and tension concerning their preparation and results. It’s not surprising that in the meritocratic society we live in, exams have become a huge deciding factor of human life. Throughout the various boards (CBSE, ISC State and International Boards) that function in our education system students have a similar expectation; that of achieving more than 90% in their 12th Board examination. All of us, well past that stage know how useful these marks are (Birth date confirmation, that’s about it) but thinking of it not as an exam but as a test of competence will be a mistake. Students should take a chill pill (Don’t take drugs, seriously!) and approach the exams with a positive spirit. Such long drawn examinations along with the positive spirit require some preparation too.

In the pointer’s mentioned below we will explore some tips and tricks to amplify the preparation you have done until now and teach you some more. Focus and undivided concentration are the key to a bulletproof preparation and after that all you need is to keep your chill until the exam. Enough chitter chatter, let’s get to it:-

  • Presentation plays a huge role – The examiner does not know you personally and thus what and how you write in your examination booklet becomes a representation of you. Good hand writing has been a seen to have a better impact and if coupled with a neatly written answer you may even get away with some minute mistakes.
  • Distractions are distracting, keep them away! – There’s a lot around to be distracted by these days. From mobile phones, television to the internet, a distracted mind can find solace in even a bad novel when exams are near. If doing research related to the subject on the internet be wary of the social media.
  • Create a timetable (and follow it) – Take an account of how many subjects you have to deal with and chart out a plan to deal with them. Creating a timetable becomes a passion for some students and their application does not hold much regard. Do not be such a person and hold your words in high regard when it comes down to following the time table.
  • Practice Previous Year’s Question Paper – When you are done with studying the chapters and have a clear understanding of the topics under it go to the previous year’s question paper. The questions are repeated throughout the years and thus the students who have practiced these papers have an edge over others.
  • Take suggestions from your teachers – Talk to your tutors as they have a better understanding of the exam paper by the simple logic of having gone through more of them. These teachers are the one that check some other student’s paper and thus have a better understanding of what they expect.

These pointers are sure to help you in getting a better understanding of the process that goes on before taking an examination. If you’re looking for something more and need help with stuff such as NCERT solutions and NCERT books you can visit us at or download our application Byju’s – The Learning App. The content provided is creative and fun to learn from and thus students fall in love with learning.

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