Limca Book of Records Lauds TRIO World Academy’s E-Waste Initiative

Trio students’ engagement in the collection and responsible disposal of 294kgs of e-waste has garnered them a spot in the LIMCA Book of Records

Trio Academy Limca CertificateIn a bid to encourage and save environment from the toxic hazards of ill-disposal of electronic waste, TRIO World Academy in association with BinBag had organized an E- waste collection and awareness drive inviting responsible citizens to dispose their e-waste accountably. Around 294 kgs of e-waste was collected, which was creatively molded into trees, a few props and structures resembling animals. This environmental initiative has garnered them a place in the Limca Book of Records, which acknowledge the purpose of the drive and the striking, 294 kgs of e-waste that was collected.

Students had collected UPS, Keyboards, Batteries, CD discs, water purifier, telephone handsets, modems, cell phone, iron, electric trimmer, etc. The drive had received support from the parents, citizens and general public who dropped in at the Academy premises to dispose their waste in a temporarily installed bin which was open for all.

Mr. K M Naveen, Managing Director, TRIO World Academy, said, “The initiative was initiated with the purpose of creating awareness in the students and the community of the amount of e-waste our present lifestyle is creating. Through the drive we also urged them to follow simple steps to ensure that they do their part in responsible disposal of e-waste. Our students had studied thoroughly about the entire process of waste generation and disposal in the campus and learnt about the people who do it and where the culminated waste goes, before executing the drive.”

BinBag had taught students at TRIO about electronic waste recycling, environmental impact and responsible disposal of waste. The students then identified local recyclers studied the waste disposal at Sahakarnagar, conducted drives in the neighbourhood and educated people about collecting and recycling e-waste.

The event also launched TRIO World Academy’s full-time waste segregation and recycling program. The program will teach students to make recycled products from trash. Trio World Academy has also installed a permanent e-waste bin in the campus for the public to drop their e waste.

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