5th CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show inaugurated

The Biggest property show with more than 115 developers showcasing their projects

The 5th edition of CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show 2016 was inaugurated today by Sri K. T Rama Rao – Minister for IT, Industries, MAUD and NRI affairs, Telangana  and Sri Jagdeeshwar Reddy, Minister for Power, Government of Telangana along with the CREDAI senior leadership team comprising of Sri S. Ram Reddy, President CREDAI Hyderabad, Sri. G Ram Reddy, President CREDAI Telangana, Sri. P Ramakrishna Reddy, General Secretary CREDAI Hyderabad, Sri. Ch. Ramachandra Reddy, General Secretary, CREDAI Telangana, Sri K. Rajeshwar, Treasurer and Property Show coordinator CREDAI Hyderabad along with Vice presidents Sri Aditya Gowra, Sri G. Anand Reddy, Dr. M.S. Anand Rao, Sri. D. Muralikrishna Reddy and the Joint Secretaries Sri C G Murali Mohan, Sri. V. Rajeshwar Reddy CEO Sri M V Rajeshwar Rao and a large number of developers, stakeholders and industry members.

Launch of JLL Report by KTR Rao and CREDAI Office BearersThe 3 day property show being at the Hall no. 1 & 3 from August 13th to August 15th, 2016 has over 115 realtors, building material manufactures, consultants and financial institutions exhibiting the advances in the real estate sector and displaying over 15000 projects under a single umbrella in the city.

Welcoming the dignitaries Mr. S. Ram Reddy, President, CREDAI Hyderabad said ““The development plans outlined by the government under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri K. Chandrashekar Rao garu  and executed through the team with versatile, dynamic and proactive leaders like Sri K T Rama Rao garu have already made rapid progress in putting Telangana on a fast pace growth and fuel development. It is a matter of great pride that today Telangana is ranked as one amongst the best states for doing business due to the proactive policies and quick decision making by the leaders and their dynamic teams. We are pleased to witness rapid growth and urbanization in Hyderabad since the formation of Telangana State. With the efforts of the government and the adoption of pro industry policies, Hyderabad is on a threshold of an interesting phase, with  of development with multi-nationals like Google, Amazon, IKEA, Microsoft, Infosys, Synchrony Financial etc. either starting or expanding their operations in the City. On the other hand, the 1st phase of Startup incubator, T-Hub having been fully occupied, is emerging as a potential driver for growth and employment generation.

Inauguration at CREDAI Hyderabad Property ShowThe Government has not only taken steps to facilitate and increase the “Ease of Doing Business” but has such innovative initiatives such as “Mission Kakatiya” – to enrich and develop irrigation tanks and lakes to usher renewed vigor in the agricultural and rural economy, which will have a spinoff effect on the growth of Real Estate in the State in general and in Hyderabad in particular; “Mission Haritha Haram” to increase the green cover in the city and the State to reach the optimum level of 33% in the next three years; “Mission Bhagiratha” – a path-breaking policy measure – to provide drinking water to all the citizens of the State which will not only improve the quality of life but also the productivity of the people to propel the economy to higher level. While these policy initiatives have received nationwide and even worldwide acclaim, the government have with a view to facilitate “Ease of Doing Business” in the Real Estate Sector have issued GOs and simplified the Building Rules and removed certain the bottlenecks in them and infused accountability and transparency in the Approval Processes and introduced Online, Single window Approval Mechanism, eliminating the human contact between the regulator and the developer.

Truly, we are in the midst of an exciting phase of development in the State. It is therefore considered appropriate to organize the fifth and biggest edition of CREDAI Property Show, 2016 aimed at projecting the innovative policies of the government, as they all collective have a great impact in generating conducive atmosphere for investments and for taking up housing projects to meet the increasing demand for housing. We are confident that the Property Show will further lift up the positive sentiment seen emerging in Hyderabad and the State.”

Further Mr. G Ram Reddy, President CREDAI Telangana added, “Hyderabad is one of the preferred IT destinations for multinational companies and research and development centres. We are greatly inspired by the vision of our progressive and dynamic leader Sri KT Rama Rao to make Hyderabad a global city and Telangana the most sought after state in the country. Hyderabad alone employs over 320000 people working directly in the IT, ITeS sector with an output of US$74 billion contributing 12% to the IT exports of the country. Hyderabad is the 5th largest contributor to the GDP of the country. With the rejuvenated interest of global corporations in the country the real estate sector is bound to grow as unsold inventory levels have been on the decline and leasing of office spaces are the highest this year. We expect Hyderabad to emerge as a major Housing Hub in the next few years. We also expect the development to trickle out of Hyderabad and spread over the rest of the state along the extended corridors of ORR. This gives a great opportunity for developers across the state and the members of CREDAI Telangana to get interested in planning and executing now projects and actively support the property show this year.

Besides IT & Agriculture, Real estate sector provides the basic human need for shelter, and has a significant impact on triggering the economic activity with its linkages with 300+ ancillary industries, an income multiplier effect of 4.71 and an employment multiplier effect of 7.76. Housing sector ranks third among the fourteen major sectors in terms of total linkage effect with other sectors of the national economy and holds the promise to drive the growth of economy and employment. Therefore all the stimulus required to support the sector and help in triggering growth should be provided. On this note we will also request your department MAUD to consider our demand for including the guidelines for the environmental clearances in the building code that if complied should speed up the approvals and remove a major pain point for the developers. Addition of few simple guidelines based on the master plan will go a long way in achieving the goal. We request you to do the needful and help support the real estate sector become a major pillar in providing growth, revenue and employment in the state.”

Adding to this Mr. P Ramakrishna Rao, General Secretary, CREDAI, Hyderabad said “The Real Estate sector in Hyderabad is driven by the end user whose number is increasing, thanks to new Industrial Promotion Policy, TSiPASS and the comprehensive IT Policy, and is witnessing growth impulses and we see the Real Estate is coming out of slowdown and stagnation seen in the past five years both in terms absorption and value. The initiatives by the government to attract investments and improve the ease of doing business in the state, will go a long way in making Hyderabad a truly global city. There is a regular flow of applications for setting up industries in the State, which has seen investment approvals to the extent of 25,000 crores in the last financial year. We certainly expect “Acche Din” for the real estate in Hyderabad in the coming months.

We welcome you to the CREDAI Hyderabad Property show 2016 which is the biggest so far with a registered increase of 20% in participation and the projects on display. The exhibition will showcase properties suiting every requirement and budget by the developers providing consumers a chance to get the best options for home solutions in the twin cities. Information on housing loan options and how to avail the same will also be available at the exhibition. We have also planned some interesting sessions like a session on GST bill recently passed by the parliament, Policies to transform Hydrabad into a global city, growth impetus of government policies and a session on policy framework required to transform the state to achieve the objective of “Bangaru Telangana” during the property show and identify ways and means to streamline the remaining issues requiring the attention of the government for the development of Hyderabad and for promoting “Brand Hyderabad” to a larger global audience.”

According to Mr. Ramachandra Reddy, General Secretary, CREDAI Telangana, “Last 2 years, since the formation of Telangana State, we have seen a lot of proactive measures being taken by the government making the state one of the best managed states in the country. Hyderabad city has a cosmopolitan population of approx. 10 million which will probably double over the next few years when the corporates start and enhance the operations in the city. Even the 158 Km 8 lane ORR with the established radial road network will house the proposed Transit oriented growth corridors, needing to be developed as self sustained townships on the concept of live, work, learn and play and open a plethora of opportunities for development across the state. Credai Property show is being timed appropriately and makes it the best time for the homebuyers to purchase the property in Hyderabad and the surrounding growth regions of Telangana State before the price escalation.”

Speaking about the Property Show Mr. K. Rajeshwar Rao, Coordinator– CREDAI Property Show 2016, “Hyderabad has the best cosmopolitan yet warm and welcoming culture, moderate climate and lies in a non sesmic zone making it an ideal destination to settle down. Hyderabad has seen an increase in leasing of properties by the corporates over the last few Qtrs. Against the backdrop, we are organizing the Biggest ever property show by CREDAI as we are displaying the largest number of properties under one roof. This year we have also introduced three pavilions to accommodate the requirement of some participating members to be able to showcase their projects. The enthusiasm from the developers was evident from the quick booking of the stalls at the property show and we are hopeful that we will also get the best ever footfalls to this property show. We are looking forward to an eventful and exciting next 3 days of CREDAI property show 2016 from 13th to 15th of August 2016.”.

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