Mygate to secure gated communities in Chennai

myGate, India’s leading mobile-based security management solution for gated premises, has started its operations in Chennai. In the first 50 days alone, myGate has already secured more than 5000 homes across residential communities in the city and is rapidly adding many more each week. Some of the popular communities in Chennai where myGate is present are Arun Excello Estancia, Pbel City, Jains Sudarsana, and Olympia Opaline. The company has a team of five employees in Chennai and is looking to secure more than 50,000 homes across hundreds of residential communities on myGate in the next 6 months. myGate is currently operational in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune has been adopted by over 2 lakhs homes and has secured more than 80 million visits to date.

Mygate Mobile-based Security Management Solution - LogomyGate is a mobile-app-based system that offers a simple yet comprehensive solution for gated communities to manage all operations at the entry and exit gates. It does so by digitizing and automating manual tasks done by the guards. The solution comprises of an Android app for the security guards and an Android or iOS app for residents, with a fallback to a regular voice call for non-smartphone users. With this system, all entries and exits are approved and logged digitally, with complete visibility and control to the residents or management. myGate also offers several advanced capabilities such as e-intercom (automatic visitor authentication), child safety alerts, staff attendance, infrastructure-free vehicle management, touchless resident identification, clubhouse access management, admin dashboards/reporting and visitor overstay alerts. It’s a hassle free app with a simple interface that makes it easy to be used by everyone including senior citizens & children.

Chennai is the largest commercial and industrial center of South India, with an estimated population of 4.9 million people. It has seen an upsurge of high-rise residential complexes & gated communities in the recent years. Security at gated communities has long followed conventional “man-guarding”, paper and pen system. The process is inefficient and error prone, making the life of security guards difficult. In addition, authentication of residents, visitors, and support staff is a huge challenge. Despite significant investments in physical infrastructure like access cards, boom barriers, biometrics, landline intercom, and others, residential communities are unable to ensure authorized and seamless management of domestic helps, staff, visitors, delivery trucks, taxicabs & other vehicles. Apartment complexes in Chennai can deploy myGate security solution in less than a week without investing in hardware or capital expenditure. The security device is provided in a pay as you go pricing model. The startup also provides and manages the training of facility staff, security guards and residents. The solution can be deployed in a multi-tiered system where there are multiple security checkpoints, viz. at the main gate and at the building gate. myGate also helps manage visitor car parking easily without compromising on the space reserved for other residents.

myGate started its operations in 2016 from Bengaluru and is focussed on securing two million homes across the top 7 cities within the next two years. The startup is backed by a strong founder team comprising of Vijay Arisetty, an ex- IAF pilot (Shaurya Chakra winner), Abhishek Kumar, former VP at Goldman Sachs, Shreyans Daga, an IIT-ISB alumni and Vivaik Bhardwaj, also an ex-IAF Pilot. myGate raised a total of INR 16 crore in its first round of funding, led by Prime Venture Partners in January 2018.

Mygate Mobile-based Security Management Solution - TeamVijay Arisetty, CEO & Co-founder, myGate – “The trend to reside in gated communities is on a rise as more and more people are migrating to urban cities in search of employment. We identified that the need for security is higher in residences but there is no clear standout which is also cost-effective  and this is where myGate is focusing on. We started operations in Chennai in response to a huge inbound demand. We are focused on enabling technology that is wholly and solely dedicated towards enhancing the existing security system of a gated premise. As per our estimate, there are over 5,000+ gated communities in Chennai who can derive immediate benefits by implementing myGate.

Mr. Sivabaskaran, Jt- Secretary, Olympia Opaline Owners Association – “We have a large community of 1000+ flats & it was getting difficult to manage the huge traffic of all kinds of visitors. It was in myGate demo we realized that the solution caters to lot of our problems and we quickly signed up. In addition to several unique features, what really stood out is their focus on on-ground service and support. Over-all it is a great solution to manage the and have digital view of traffic in the community.”

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