Saniya, the girl who turned into a boy – Manpreet!

&TV’s social drama Waaris traces the journey of a girl whose identity is hidden by her own mother and has been raised as a boy under adverse circumstances. Essaying this character is none other than Saniya Tauqueer a real life girl who has undergone a makeover and willingly had her long lustrous tresses chopped to a pixie cut.

The livewire that she is, Saniya is quite mature for her age and is consciously making efforts to do justice to the role of playing Amba’s son Manpreet.

Saniya Taurquette as Manpeet in WaarisSays Saniya “The role demanded that I cut my hair so I did it. It will grow back.”

Furthermore, she is aware of the fact that boys act in a certain manner and hence she gets her training from the male co-stars on the set who lovingly call her “bro” because she is no less than a boy for them. Be it cricket matches or splits or cartwheels, Saniya aces it all proving the point that in no way are girls different from boys… its just a reflection of the society.

Adds Saniya, “When I first went to school with the short haircut, my friends thought I am a new boy in their class. Once they started talking to me they realized their mistake. But they were all surprised… my teachers appreciated the efforts I took for the role and have wished me good luck.”

Will Manpreet’s innocence prove to be fatal for Amba?

Tune in to watch Waaris Tonight and every MondayFriday at 10:00 PM only on &TV.

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