Innov8 co-working expands to Chandigarh

  • The high-tech, cool co-working center will also bring in networking opportunities for Start-ups, freelancers and other individuals

  • Innov8 is offering free trails for a week till 30th June 2016

Innov8 Co-working - Chandigarh 1Innov8, Delhi’s most central co-working space, announced the launch of its new center in Chandigarh. The co-working space located at Plot 143, City Emporium Mall, Industrial Area Phase1, will be home to 140 individuals. Currently, Innov8’s Delhi space is home to 112 individuals from different walks of life. Innov8 further aims to expand to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore by end of this year.

India is the 3rd largest base for startups in the world, with 4200 startups now, and it is expecting a growth to 12,000+ startups by the year 2020. As the opportunities in the startup ecosystem evolves, the struggle for setting up an office space becomes even more prominent, not to mention the unaffordability.  Innov8 co-working aims at addressing these concerns by providing a cool co-working space at premium locations, equipped with high-tech infrastructure and complete independence to, ideate, develop and execute at an affordable cost. Chandigarh is in close proximity to Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and attracts a lot of talent from these states. Innov8 plans to empower the community of women entrepreneur, corporates, writers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, investors, RJs, advocates, and NGO’s in the region by providing them an opportunity of an affordable co-working platform.

Bringing in the experience from the successful run of Delhi’s central co-working space, the Chandigarh center is everything an entrepreneur could need! The new center is not just a rigorous working zone, but, offers various activities to rejuvenate and refresh one’s soul.  Some of the key highlighters are Yoga exercises, recreational rooms, nutritional water filters and an abundance of greenery to beat the heat and give a close to nature experience. The lounge area comprises recreational elements like guitars, keyboards, slanting net, Xbox, Segway, foosball etc. It also has inspiring words painted on the staircase, there’s enough food for thought for every entrepreneur who would work out of this place! Also, individuals owning a membership from either of the Co-working space in Chandigarh & Delhi will be open to work from the common area of both the offices

The new center will host occasional investor – startups meet, ideation workshops, movie nights, family days, networking sessions amongst other events to promote a culture of networking and creating opportunities for growth for these individuals.

With Innov8, Ritesh aims to create a healthy and fit environment for its members. The new center will also offers various safety measures for women and children with real time tracking on apps as well as full video surveillance facilities for family members. Chandigarh, Innov8 Coworking will boost the community of startups, freelancers, and SMEs in the tricity area.

Area: 5000 sq.ft area carpet and total 7000 sq.ft area

Interior: Bright lights, dull walls with inspiring posters, wood paneling on walls, cheerful and inspiring artwork on the walls., Innov8’s walls are draped with vegetation.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Ritesh Malik, Founder& CEO of Innov8 said, “The city has seen a spurt in the number of aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers, and the emergence of investor networks promise a conducive environment for them to grow.  A workspace is the most challenging and crucial part in an entrepreneur’s journey and the ones which bring like-minded people together are hard to find.  At Innov8, we aim at bridging this gap and creating a space for people from different walks of life to come together and ideate towards building a nation of opportunities.”

Launched in October last year, Delhi center had become an instant hit among the young entrepreneurs and freelancers. It received a whopping 1,000 applications when it opened, and now houses 50 companies and 150 members. The Chandigarh center is now accepting applications. Interested startups can apply here to be a part of this robust and vibrant community of Chandigarh.

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