Apollo Sugar is organizing diabetes management workshops for the Ramadan season

Provides free screenings and guidance on managing diabetes

To educate diabetic patients and their families on healthy and safe fasting practices, Apollo Sugar- an innovative, single-specialty diabetes and endocrine healthcare provider, is approaching all the mosques near the clinic and organising a Ramadan Diabetes Camp in Frazer Town, Banashankari and JP Nagar. The activity is also taking place in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Raipur and Bhubaneswar.

The informative session, conducted by a team of doctors and dietitians will include free health screenings. Out of the 44 camps conducted by Apollo Sugar, out of which 40% of people were found to have good diabetic control while the remaining were diagnosed with extremely poor control of the disease.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Gagan Bhalla, CEO, Apollo Sugar said, “Apollo Sugar is committed to providing superior quality health care services to address the day-to-day health care needs of diabetics and their families. By conducting such activities we hope to make people aware about the disease and to improve the lives of all people affected by it.”

“Since there is a change in eating patterns, the patient has to change the dosage and time of medicine intake as well. Once Ramadan comes to a close and the patient has had a checkup, a new medication pattern is advised by us,” said Dr. S.G. Moazam, as he stressed on the importance of following a good diet while adapting to the new medication pattern.

One of the key endeavours of the workshops is to inform diabetic patients regarding the effects of extreme fasting and educate them on effective diet plans and physical activities to keep in mind during the festive season.

The free Diabetes Education Program incorporates Diabetes Risk Management, Diet Consultation, Body Mass Index (BMI) Management and Blood Pressure Management as well.

Apollo Sugar aims to create newer and faster ways to deliver high quality diabetes healthcare, through enhanced service delivery models, which will benefit the entire health eco-system.

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