Monsoon Haircare tips from MyGlamm,India’s Premier “at home beauty service”

Monsoon Hair Care by Pooja Salva, Creative Director Hair at My Glamm

A hair spa is recommended if you’re looking at cutting down the frizz during Monsoon. It is a myth to say, hair spa is just about pampering but speaking the truth, it is also about providing nutrients to the hair and maintaining healthy growth.

Monsoon brings in scalp problems and moisture making you mane damp and itchy. Hair spa helps you maintain the health of your mane by the four essentials involved in the process: Shampoo, conditioning, hair mask and massage.

My Glamm brings to you Moroccon Oil and L’oreal hair spas to help you get healthy and luscious hair. Moroccon Oil products are antioxidant infused, nutrient rich that provide unmatched and dramatic results. L’oreal hair spa makes your hair look luscious, smooth and manageable.

So bask in the goodness of the range of hair spas we have to offer and make sure your hair gets its dose of nutrition regularly.

60 minutes hair spa session with steam and 15 mins of relaxing massage with L’oreal professional hair care products is priced at Rs. 1,100/- and 60 minutes hair spa session with steam and 15 mins of relaxing massage with Moroccon oil hair care products is priced at Rs. 1,700/- at My Glamm.

I would personally recommend the My Glamm Sensitive Scalp treatment for 45 minutes. The treatment is best designed for an irritable scalp, redness, itchiness and allergies. It helps in soothing the scalp, calming allergies and reducing sensitivity which is at its peak during monsoon. This wonderful treatment is rightly priced at Rs. 900/-.

Tips to take extra care during monsoon:

  1. Do not brush your hair when it is wet. Allow it to naturally dry out and then comb it with a wide teeth comb.
  2. Use a hair serum after shower or a conditioner to avoid frizz temporarily.
  3. Use a mild shampoo, if your hair is exposed to rain almost everyday. But you must shampoo daily to remove the dirt and keep the scalp healthy and clean.
  4. Use a soft Towel or if possible keep your hair towel separate. While drying your hair do not be rough with your mane but be gentle instead and work on removing the water from the tips first and then move towards the scalp. This will help reduce breaking and keep split ends at bay.

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