Artist Sunayana Malhotra presents AHAM @ Visual arts gallery, India habitat centre

Delhi based artist paints spontaneously on canvas and expresses her innermost feelings in her art. In her latest artworks AHAM, the works are women centric and through her canvases, she tries to express the various stages in a woman’s life.

Date – 2nd – 7th July 2016

Time – 11 am – 7 pm

Venue – Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

AHAM by Artist Sunayana Malhotra 2

About Artwork

The artist showcases the relationship of nature with its varied moods. She is fascinated by lotuses which are prominent in her recent works. Her artwork is the female form that naturally reflects her thoughts. The female form is not glorified or portrayed to please any male voyeuristic attitude or as the media portrays it but it is of a real woman whose body tells of her journey from puberty.

To motherhood to her breast feeding days to finally menopause even though she camouflages herself a woman looks at her own self with disgust at the changes she undergoes and also uses it as a medium to seduce in  work you will always see alone woman standing. The woman also balances the world she creates as in her lover, spouse, children and the world that exists outside.”

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