Pragya Ghildial Does Yoga in a Wheelchair

Pragya GhildialThe world for 27-year-old Pragya Ghildial came crashing down, after a disastrous road accident paralyzed her lower body at just 22. Today, she is an athlete, a yoga instructor, a patient educator, speaker, activist, and an influencer. The accident only strengthened her body and mind. A yoga instructor before the accident, she didn’t allow the wheelchair to come in her way, and continued with the practice.

Today, as a peer counselor and yoga therapist at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, she helps people suffering with similar disasters come to terms with their new life.  As a sportsperson, she has won numerous medals, both at the national and international levels, all within a short span of 5 years. She plays table tennis, and participates in track and field events: short-put, javelin and discus throw. She trains daily for 3 hours, and drives her own car. She has also been a part of theAnnual Leadership Program, organized by UNESCO and the Institute Of Comparative Human Rights in the U.S. The Delhi Transport Corporation and Delhi Metro have utilized her services to audit the companies’ provisions for the differently-abled.

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