Eijaz Khan considered an outcast as a Child

Popular television actor Eijaz Khan who plays the role of a terrorist in the upcoming political drama Shorgul underwent a personality revamp for his role. Contrary to his real life persona, Eijaz visited a Maulana for six months and read the Kuraan thrice a day for his character preparation apart from eating 14 plates of galuti kebabs every single day as his diet . He also interacted with a few victims of Godra, Babri Masjid and Muzzafarnagar riots to understand both sides of the story. What’s even more terrifying is that post the wrap up of the film Eijaz had to undergo a counseling session with a therapist for 6 months because the film affected him gravely. Infact his good friends and co-stars Annirudh Dave, Suha Gezen and Hiten Tejwani also started fearing him on sets because he used to lock himself away and spoke very little during the shooting.

Eijaz Khan states, “I took up the role because my cousin was a fanatic and I used him as a benchmark to prepare for the role. My childhood memory of my house being burnt down and name calling in my society has left a deep impact somewhere. Not many know this but I’ve adopted Muslim orphans at an NGO Muskaan because I know what it feels like being rejected. On a lighter note the only regret I have is that I couldn’t dance in the film and that’s something I terribly missed.”

A 24 FPS Films Production, the political drama film is based on intolerance and aspires to make audiences contemplate on where humanity stands amidst the noise of religious, social, political and economic prejudice. It is inspired by sensitive real-time incidents that shook the foundation of democracy, set against the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh.  The film will touch upon grave subjects that have transpired in the recent past such as Muzzafarnagar, Godhra, Babri Masjid riots apart from making references to bureaucratic misdoings of some high profile dignitaries.  Some of the lead actors in the film will bear resemblance to real life politicians such as Akhilesh Yadav, Sangeet Soam, Azam Khan in their look, mannerisms and even names. Directed by Jitendra Tiwari & P. Singh and produced by Swatantra Vijay Singh & Vyas Verma, the film stars Jimmy Sheirgill, Ashutosh Rana, Sanjay Suri, Narendra Jha, Hiten Tejwani, Eijaz Khan, Suha Gezen, Anirudh Dave, Deepraj Rana.

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